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Member since
Jul 2017

Veronica McClintic Healing Centre

Contact Name Veronica McClintic
Phone 08 8945 5498
Address Tiwi NT 810
Servicing Areas Servicing Darwin and other areas
I strongly believe that we all are able to heal ourselves and create the abundance we desire regardless of who we are and the burdens we carry. I am committed to sharing my extensive experience and knowledge with you to enable you to move along this path of empowerment.

About Veronica McClintic Healing Centre

Meet Veronica

Hi, I’m Veronica McClintic, the founder of The Veronica McClintic Healing Centre and creator of “Heal Your Body Heal Your Life” meditation healing circles.

I work through and with the Creator of All That is to teach individuals how to best optimise their power and to develop a life that is full of peace and balance. I have been practicing and teaching meditation and spiritual healing since 1988. Over the years I have helped hundreds of individuals to overcome a variety of emotional and physical issues including:

  • Spirit and other energy attachments

  • Depression

  • Inability to move forward in life

  • Domination

  • Abuse

  • Stress

  • Physical pain

  • Negative feelings and beliefs about themselves

  • Sadness

  • Suppression

  • Trauma

  • Abandonment and separation

  • Fear of psychic ability

Spiritual Healing and Meditation are my two primary modalities however I have extensive qualifications and experience in:

  • Theta Healing Master Practitioner And Instructor

  • Massage

  • Training And Assessment

  • Law

  • Nursing

  • Education

  • Family Planning & Community Development

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Qualification Details

ThetaHealing master Practitioner and Instructor

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