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Veronica McClintic Healing Centre

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Veronica McClintic Healing Centre
Feeling unwell, blocked, stressed out, fed up, negative or unable to move forward in life?  If so book in for a healing session. Healing can take place at all levels of self, i.e. physical, spiritual and emotional.

Veronica McClintic Healing Centre - Healing Consultations

Clients who are seeking help may have physical and emotional issues that are affecting their wellbeing and health.

Through the Creator, Veronica will help you to highlight the issues that you are dealing with. If it is required, through a ‘digging’ process she can identify the blocking beliefs that may be holding you back from the peace, abundance and happiness that you are searching for, and then, through visualisation, prayer and movement of the Creator’s energy of truth and love, these beliefs can be replaced and removed with the Creator’s correct programs. Such as, if you are feeling stuck and unable to move forward and achieve your goals, perhaps a negative belief that you could have, is that I am ‘trapped’. A possible replacement program therefore could be, ‘I am free and I embrace the adventure of life with ease’.

In a healing session Veronica will conduct a psychic scan, balance and cleanse your aura and speak to your ancestors if necessary. Following a healing session, you will feel balanced and clear about the situation and you will feel lighter, relaxed, positive and calm.

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