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Luke Hamilton

Servicing area: Worldwide - Skype or Phone Sessions

Experience powerful healing and coaching to help you heal, shift, release and realign back to your true self.


Luke is a deeply gifted healer and spiritual guide and is completely committed to your journey of self-realisation.

Luke has extraordinary abilities to help you cut through illusions and lovingly direct you back to the truth of your heart. Combining a beautiful blend of logic and intuition, Luke works with individuals like yourself to help overcome the limitations of your suffering.

Luke’s personal journey of awakening started at the age of 27 with the astrological transit of Saturn return. At the suggestion of a dear friend Luke started meditating to help deal with his then stressful life.

Before long Luke had an unexpected awakening and found himself opening to a world he never knew existed. Past life flashbacks, spiritual experiences, activations of dormant gifts, repressed childhood memories, unresolved emotions and trauma all started flooding in. The reality that Luke had come to know was turned upside down and Luke found himself on a journey of deep spiritual healing and awakening.

Since the start of his journey, Luke has been drawn to many different teachings and teachers and has studied different forms of meditation, yoga, tantra, Martial Arts, healing modalities and spiritual traditions; traditional and new age.

Luke is now heavily influenced by teachings and practices of the Nondualist path Advaita, as he feels that this is the fastest way to reach true self-realisation in this life.

Today, Luke’s spiritual practice is the supporting and service of others on their own personal journey through coaching and empowerment sessions.

May all beings be wild and free. - Luke

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