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Felix Ezrael

Wholy Healer

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Felix Ezrael is a natural born Shamanic healer with natural psychic abilities. He has studied extensively and has developed his skills to help you to heal, evolve spiritually and live your life purpose. Ezrael combines Shamanic Healing, Medical Qi Gong, Quantum Healing, Shamanic/Angelic Singing and his natural gifts of psychic insight to bring healing to Your Soul. By reading your energy field Ezrael is able to connect to Your Soul and find the root cause of any existing health conditions, karmic issues or major blockages in life. The Healing for your Soul is at the most direct, deepest level. Healing that clears and balances all aspects of your life that are causing disharmony - spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.   

Wholy Healer

Servicing area

847-849 Glen Huntly Rd, Caulfield South VIC 3162

Focus areas

Well-being Happiness Emotional wellbeing Spiritual growth Relaxation Purpose

Your Soul is the blueprint, of your Mind, Emotions & Body.

Past, Present & Future

      The Soul can Rescript the Past, to heal in the Present, for a Brighter Future.


 By healing the Soul you become Whole.

The mind, emotions & body follow.

- Felix Ezrael

Your Soul can reveal what is causing the mental stress, emotional disharmony & bodily ailments.

What's behind your life struggles, issues & pains.

Heal your Soul directly from Spirit using Divine Light from the space of Divine Love. 


  • Relationship problems - Love
  • Family issues - Peace
  • Health issues - Wellbeing
  • Broken Heart - Self Love
  • Emotional disharmony - Happiness
  • Limiting beliefs - Clarity
  • Traumas, fears - Confidence
  • Vocation issues - Prosperity
  • Chakra imbalances - Alignment
  • Karmic patterns - Freedom
  • Self Worth & Empowerment
  • Life Guidance & Purpose
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Divine Union

Clear, direct, powerful yet subtle. Your life will be changed forever from one session.

Within 10 minutes you can find out the root causes of your problems. 

Healing is just the beginning. Spiritual growth is the purpose. Divine Union is the aim.    

No need to spin around in the same patterns. Life is not about struggle, suffering and pain. But a Divine gift to experience as a spiritual being in a physical body. Imbalances happen that lead to problems in life. Your Soul has the control, power to live a wholesome life. Balance your Soul, everyhing else in life will follow. 









5 Services

The Healing Begins

$350 Per course

Most of our daily life is subconsciously influenced. Influencing our thoughts, feelings and actions. We might have the same issues in relationships, financial issues, health problems, unhealthy diets, substance abuse, irrational fears, repetitive blocks

The Soul Awakens

$600 Per course

Awaken your Soul and shine your light. Live your higher purpose, your passions. Develop self love and self empowerment. Uncover or develop your spiritual gifts. To do so we must first heal our 3D parts; the mental, emotional and physical level. Then we


  • Medical Qigong Certificate (Master Level Healing)
  • Professional Feng Shui Practitioner
  • Serenity Vibration And Enlightenment Technique
  • Advanced Geomancy Practitioner

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