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Holistic Health Melbourne Reiki Courses

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Holistic Health Melbourne Reiki Courses

LEARN TO TEACH REIKI LIKE A YODA. If you want to learn to teach Reiki properly, hands-on, this is for you.

If you are teaching already, and you feel like there is "more" and want to take it to the next level, this is for you. Professional and Accredited Reiki Master\Teacher and Teacher of Meditation 3 Day workshop.

Reiki Master Teacher Course

About the Reiki Training Course:

Reiki Master\Teacher enables participants to pass Attunements and to create and teach Reiki and Meditation courses with confidence, incorporating principles of Workplace Training and Assessment.

These Reiki courses are unique as they include a spiritual development component to enhance your self-knowledge, intuition and awareness of energy. You are encouraged to embrace new concepts and techniques at a soul level with love and intuition, with your heart rather than your head.

Who is Reiki Master Teacher Course for?

Has your Reiki journey brought you to a place where you are ready to share it with others?

This Reiki Master\Teacher Course is suitable for you (maybe perfect!) if you:

  • Have completed Reiki 1 and Reiki 2
  • Have already completed Reiki 3 or Reiki Master\Teacher
  • Want to share Reiki with others and teach it
  • Are already teaching Reiki and ready to learn more
  • Want to teach it in a structured way that meets accreditation standards
  • Want to take your Reiki teaching to the next level
  • Want to Attune others to the Reiki energy
  • Have a deep commitment to the Reiki practice
  • Want to continue your journey and Personal Mastery 
  • Want to learn advanced elements of Reiki and spiritual healing
  • Want to increase your personal growth, transformation and synchronicity in your life

Course dates:

Melbourne: 1-3 June 2019
Colac: 15-17 June 2019
Saturday~Sunday ~Monday
10am - 5pm

Course locations:

Royal Domain Centre
Rooftop Retreat
370 St Kilda Road Melbourne 3004

The Farm
50 Holmchase Road Colac

Beach Retreat
@Keren's Place
Separation Creek


$650 ($250 deposit)

Includes Reiki Master Attunements
Reiki Master\Teacher Manual
Reiki Mastere\Teacher Certificate
Teacher of Meditation Certificate
Reiki Lineage to Mikao Usui

Certified Instructor:

Keren Wigley
Accredited Reiki Master\Teacher with
Reiki Association of Australia
Teacher of Meditation

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