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How Much Do Spiritual Therapies Cost?

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Last Updated Feb 10, 2021

How Much Do Spiritual Therapies Cost?

Our spiritual health depends on our soul's experiences from our past lives, and it influences the state of our mind, body and emotions. As it evolves and continues its journey in the universe, the human soul brings with it the experiences it obtained from its past lives. So, any painful event or trauma that it has experienced remains attached to it, affecting all areas of an individual's life.

This article lists different spiritual healing modalities that can help clear the soul and address conflicts between the goals of the conscious mind and the beliefs stored in the subconscious mind. A spiritual healer can help you to balance your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies so that you can become one with your genuine self. 

The cost of a particular service depends on the city you live in, the qualifications of the practitioner facilitating it, the duration and number of treatment sessions, and several other factors. You may contact health practitioners on the Natural Therapy Pages who specialise in your preferred spiritual therapy to enquire about their actual fees. 

Family Constellation

Family Constellation is a form of systemic therapy that can help you to recognise and resolve hidden dynamics in your family that are responsible for the perpetual generational issues that are affecting different areas of your life. Addressing your family entanglements leads to better relationships, a successful career, and thriving health and finances.

Price: $150 to $330

Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy releases you from the shackles of fears, phobias, panic attacks, anxiety, depression and unexplained illnesses resulting from a traumatic experience. It employs hypnotherapy to guide you through your past lives and help you come to terms with deep-seated pain or trauma so that you can find personal fulfilment within your present life.

Price: $150 to $175

Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing employs a set of frequencies to help you reach a higher level of consciousness and exceed your potential. Change in frequency addresses all of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ailments, and allows you to live your higher purpose in life. 

Price: $85 to $250

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is an umbrella term for several therapeutic modalities that utilise life force, or the universal energy, to address physical, mental and emotional conditions. In a spiritual healing session, energy flows through the healer and is channelled to you to make positive changes to your energy field and physiology. 

Price: $80 to $150

Theta Healing

Theta Healing eliminates limiting beliefs which create a host of emotional, physical and mental disorders. It involves tapping into the highest source of energy, which is also known as the Creator, while your brain is at the theta state. Through this connection, you can facilitate healing in all aspects of your life.

Price: $97 to $170   

Health and Wellness Workshops

Health and Wellness Workshops refer to interactive programs that aim to educate and motivate individuals or groups to pursue a healthy lifestyle for longevity. Workshops focus on different ways to enhance the quality of your life. It covers nutrition, physical fitness and a variety of therapeutic modalities. 

Price: $195 to $495

The human body will cease to function once the soul has weakened, so maintaining your spiritual health is vital. Taking the time to see a certified spiritual healer will help you gain insight into your life and what's holding you back from what you want to achieve. Sometimes, the problem lies not in what you do but in what you couldn't do due to pain and trauma.

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Originally published on Oct 02, 2020

FAQs About Cost of Spiritual Therapies in Australia

Is paying for therapy worth it?

Therapy can help speed up your recovery and prevent diseases, so it's a worthy investment. It produces long-term results as it works on the root of a health problem as opposed to treating the symptoms, which activates the body's natural healing ability.

What is the role of spirituality in wellness?

Spirituality refers to a deep understanding of your purpose in life. It's what maintains balance and harmony between you and your inner self as well as the whole universe.

How can you support a person's spiritual wellbeing?

Spiritual practices like meditation and spiritual healing can help an individual find true meaning in their life. Addressing their emotional blocks resulting from their traumatic experiences is the only way they can free their spirit and achieve their goals.

How do you practise spiritual wellness?

There are different ways to enrich your spiritual wellbeing, and these include practising yoga and meditation, bonding with nature, listening to relaxing music, and reconnecting with the universal energy.

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