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How to Clear Trauma from the Chakra System

Aug 20, 2021

Clearing trauma from your Chakra system is very important to your physical and emotional wellbeing. Interestingly keeping your chakra system clear, clean and energised is also crucial to keeping you on the path with your soul's life purpose. So if...

What Can I Use Flower Essences For?

Apr 03, 2012

Flowers tucked into a toolbox may seem a bit unlikely, but, if you were to take a look into the toolbox of any of history’s great healers, you’d probably find some flowers lurking somewhere.From earliest times, they wrote about and used a wide variety...

What are Flower Essences?

Oct 07, 2011

Do you light up when someone gives you flowers? Have you noticed how the pleasure is often much greater than the gift really warrants?  For the most part, flowers lift our spirits without us really knowing why. It’s more a vibration than a feeling, taking...

Flower Essences for Depression

May 09, 2011

Flower essences are a gentle and increasingly popular method of dealing with a range of emotional and mood related conditions, including depression. These are based on the premise that good health is the result of emotional, spiritual and mental harmony...

What are Vibrational Essences?

May 20, 2010

Vibrational essences (commonly referred to as flower essences) use the vital force of plants and other substances to assist the body’s natural healing process. They are normally produced in a liquid form, sometimes in an ointment/crème form and are...

Using Shell Essences for Healing

Oct 30, 2008

Shell essences are a form of vibrational healing that are made by Nancy Parker and Leonie Hosey.  There are 40 different shell essences that can be used for a variety of disruptions in your energy body.  Read on to learn more about how to use shell...

Essences Basics: Flower, Bush & Shell

Apr 04, 2008

Do you feel out of balance or are you suffering from negative thought patterns?  Why not try essences?  Flower, bush and shell essences are a form of energy healing and can help to restore your harmony naturally and with very little effort on your...

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