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Let's Talk About Sleep, Baby!

Mar 21, 2022

After decades of our society celebrating the workaholic, who sacrifices their sleep for long hours in the office, it is time to make sleep sexy again. So, let's talk about sleep, baby! Sleep is not a luxury, it's a necessity. The fact that not sleeping...

Aroma - therapy

Sep 24, 2021

Definition of aromatherapy : inhalation or bodily application (as by massage) of fragrant essential oils from plants (as from flowers and fruits) for therapeutic purposes  broadly: the use of aroma to enhance a feeling of well-being The way to use...

The Change Masters

Sep 22, 2021

Let's celebrate all of the people who challenge the way things have always been. When you hear 'but we have always done it this way', ask yourself "for what purpose would you choose to continue to do it the same way, hoping to get different results"?

Inflammation 101: Types, Causes, Symptoms & Prevention

Sep 21, 2021

Our bodies have an innate ability to fight disease, or at least warn us when foreign agents are attacking our internal organs. As the body's major weapon in maintaining structural integrity and function, inflammation plays a vital role. While its primary...

Evolution in Our Own Lifetime

Sep 20, 2021

If we don't learn to Ride the Wave, we will get swamped in the Surf.- by Elizabeth Ellen Calling in new beginnings; however, we must have the courage and faith to live our current life with a new dialogue.  That's right, begin changing our current...

Temporomandibular Joint Pain and Dysfunction Management

Sep 16, 2021

Temporomandibular joint pain and dysfunction (TMJPD) affects people of all ages. The condition presents with either acute or chronic pain in the jaw joints that connect the jaw bone (Mandible) and the skull (Temporal Bone). Normal function of the jaw...

How Does Our Subconscious Affect Our Everyday Decision & How to Change It For Good

Sep 15, 2021

Have you ever wondered why you make bad decisions sometimes? Or behave illogically? Studies show that 95% of our thoughts, feelings and actions come from our subconscious mind. In other words, most of our decisions, whether big or small, such as what...

The Entourage Effect of Getting Your Gut Well

Sep 14, 2021

Gut health, digestive health and immune health. These three terms are often used interchangeably to describe the health of our abdomen that can lead to optimal physical, mental and spiritual health. In the twenty-first century we would expect, with...

Migraine Management: With a Focus on the Different Phases of Migraine

Sep 14, 2021

Overview According to Migraine and Headache Australia, migraine is a neurological condition that can present as a one-sided headache, that is of a throbbing nature that is considered a severe headache and is aggravated by physical activity. Close to...

From Anxiety to Resilience

Sep 08, 2021

When a child has been anxious for a long period, even the most well-meaning parents can fall into a negative cycle and, not wanting their child to suffer, actually exacerbates the child's anxiety. It happens when parents, anticipating a child's fears, try...

Depression: Summarising Basic Information

Sep 07, 2021

The subject of Depression is mired in misconceptions about what a depressive disorder 'is' and its 'causes', which may create uncertainty in choosing appropriate treatment. As we all aim to help people with depression, and their loved ones and carers...

How Your Subconscious Limiting Beliefs Are Running Your Life

Sep 06, 2021

Well we all had experiences in childhood where our parents and caregivers did and said things that may have been less than nurturing. For most of us they were impactful and others were deeply damaging. Our subconscious mind has stored all these experiences...

Management of Migraines Headaches Using Herbal Medicine

Sep 06, 2021

Migraine headaches are excruciating, pulsating with recurrent pain often on one side of the head. People who have nausea and vomiting indicate a true migraine. There is sensitivity to light and sounds with blurry vision and light-headedness. They are...

Empowering Our Children and Helping Them to Have Better Mental Health

Sep 06, 2021

In our current global situation, this is the first time ever the whole world has been shut down and children all over the world are spending more time shut inside, told that the world is unsafe and that they can be spreaders of a deadly virus, or contractors...

5 Breathing Exercises Used for Relaxation

Sep 03, 2021

In recent times, it's never been more important and necessary for us to find ways to release anxiety and stress. If we are constantly operating in a heightened state of anxiety or stress, we are compromising our immune system and our well-being overall.

The Health Benefits of Hypnosis

Sep 03, 2021

Hypnosis has been used through the years for many purposes, such as helping people remember repressed memories tucked away in their subconscious mind, it has been used by police departments to solve crimes, and it has been used by stage hypnotists...

Activating and Relaxing Using Ceremonial Cacao

Sep 03, 2021

Welcome to the wonderful world of cacao - pure, unadulterated, dark chocolate. With its inviting aroma, velvety texture, ancient history and incredible health benefits, it's no wonder cacao is becoming more and more popular in western culture as a...

Vaginal Health and Healing from Bacterial Vaginosis and Thrush

Sep 02, 2021

Have you experienced the struggles of vaginal dysbiosis in the form of infections such as Bacterial Vaginosis or Candida overgrowth/Thrush? Believe me, if the answer is yes, you are certainly not alone! These conditions are actually more common than...

Stress and Anxiety: An Ayurvedic Perspective

Sep 02, 2021

In today's world everyone is making an effort to stay healthy but still the focus is on our physical wellbeing. Very few people consider their mental health, to the extent it has become a great challenge for our society. While one might think mental...

Nutrition in the Management of Anxiety

Sep 02, 2021

There's a little truth in every wife's tale and "you are what you eat" is no exception. The food that you choose to put into your mouth has a run on effect on your gut health, and in turn, your mental health. There is so much more I could talk about...

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