Gestalt Therapy & Addiction Treatment

Oct 23, 2020

Addiction ruins not only one life but a whole family. It results in selfishness, illogical thinking, job loss and broken relationships. Once hooked on a substance, one loses the ability to make sound decisions for the betterment of their life. However, all...

Counselling and Group Therapy to Stop Smoking

Aug 24, 2020

Your willpower to quit smoking and live a healthier life can only get stronger when you have support and motivation from the right people. Alone, you're torn between pushing with your goal or accepting your life as it is as feelings of uncertainty...

Quit Smoking Through Acupuncture

Aug 10, 2020

Acupuncture is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that can treat a range of health conditions and addictions. Tobacco or nicotine dependence is a common addiction, if not the most common, which can be easily treated with acupuncture. Quitting...

Top 3 Hypnotherapy Courses to Help You Quit Smoking

Jul 14, 2020

Statistics tell us that 72% of smokers want to quit, but are unable to. This means 72% of smokers are controlled by their habit, despite their best intentions. It’s not easy to find a solution to quitting that works. Many smokers say that they’ve...

How Hypnotherapy Can Help You to Quit Smoking

Jul 14, 2020

Many people who smoke cigarettes want to stop the habit. They know for a fact that smoking puts their life at risk and makes them more susceptible to lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, impotence and the deadly COVID-19, among other life-threatening...

Go Dry in July 2020

Jun 22, 2020

Cancer is a debilitating disease that affects not only the person afflicted with it, but their family as well. When one is diagnosed with it, they experience a gamut of emotions and physical pain that result in psychological distress. In the hope of...

How to Quit Smoking with Natural Therapies

Feb 24, 2020

In Australia, over 23,000 people a year die from a smoking-related illness. Tobacco abuse costs Australians 21 billion dollars a year in health care, business and social costs and passive smoking kills over 200 people a year, half of which are children.

Study: Australian Women Over 50 are Riskier Drinkers

Mar 22, 2019

Young women drink far more alcohol than their mothers, right? Surprisingly, no. New research shows that for the first time ever, more women in their 50s are exceeding the lifetime risk guidelines for alcohol, compared to women aged 18 to 24. The recent...

Is Drinking a Glass of Wine a Night Really Healthy?

Oct 22, 2018

Is Drinking a Glass of Wine a Night Really Healthy? You might want to pop the cork back on the bottle. Because a new study has found even a little tipple raises the risk of premature death by 20 percent.  Published in Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental...

New Study Confirms Risks of Secondhand Smoke

Sep 10, 2018

It’s never nice breathing in a lungful of someone’s cigarette smoke. Now a new study has confirmed that kids who are exposed to secondhand smoke have a higher risk of dying from lung disease in later life. The American Cancer Society study, published...

What is a 'Sober Festival' – and Why Are They All The Rage?

Jul 20, 2018

What is a 'Sober Festival' – and Why Are They All The Rage? There’s a new live music movement sweeping the globe – and it’s all about staying sober. Yes, sober festivals are now all the rage. So we donned the fluoro to find out more about this...

The Effects of Alcohol

Mar 25, 2018

Alcohol is a part of Australian culture, with most adults enjoying a drink from time to time. But it is important to remember that alcohol is a drug, and as such it has effects. Read on to learn more about what these are and how you can enjoy a drink...

4 Easy Ways to Change a Habit

Jun 18, 2017

Eating more veggies. Quitting smoking. Reading more books. Our habits make us who we are. But how can we switch our habits to be our best? It does take some work, but here are 4 easy ways to begin changing your habits for the better. One habit at a...

Is 'cold turkey' the best way to quit smoking?

May 04, 2016

Quitting anything – smoking, gambling, Game of Thrones – isn’t easy. It requires a lot of focus, planning, and behaviour and mindset changes. But a new study by the University of Oxford has suggested that going ‘cold turkey’ (quitting abruptly) could...

Are There Any Health Benefits to Alcohol?

Apr 01, 2016

When it comes to alcohol consumption, many mixed messages have been tossed about.  On the one hand, some health benefits have been linked with a moderate consumption of alcohol.  However, on the other hand, it can be highly addictive and toxic when...

4 Reasons to Quit Drinking for Ocsober

Oct 12, 2015

Could you give up drinking for one month? Lose the booze to help Australian kids? That's what Ocsober is all about – giving up alcohol in October to help Life Education teach 700,000 Australian children to steer clear of drug and alcohol abuse. Remember...

Craving Chocolate? Science Says Walk Instead

Apr 06, 2015

The chocolate temptation creeps up without warning, tapping you on the shoulder and taunting you with temptation. "Just take a bite," it whispers. Now all you can think about is devouring a chocolate bar or big bag of choc chip biscuits. What do you...

The Lowdown on Performance Enhancing Drugs

Jun 11, 2014

Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) always appear in the news headlines, as athletes – perhaps most notoriously, Lance Armstrong – get caught out. But what are PEDs, how do they work and why are they dangerous? What are Performance Enhancing Drugs?

Hypnotherapy & Addictions

Feb 28, 2014

While hypnotherapy has been shown to help depression, aiding childbirth and alleviating a wide range of health issues, it may also assist with managing addictions. In fact, many people are trying hypnotherapy to alleviate addictions and learn new behaviours.

Natural Therapies for Drug Addiction

Dec 25, 2013

Beating addiction can be tough. Often, it involves intensive treatment, lifestyle changes, behaviour modification and time spent changing belief systems. A complete healthcare plan, combining conventional and natural therapies, can help overcome a drug...

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