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How to Start a Massage Therapy Business

Apr 09, 2021

Congratulations! Now that you have received your Certificate IV in Massage Therapy, obtained membership with Australia's peak massage associations, and secured your Professional Indemnity Insurance, you're ready to launch your career in massage and...

What is Scar Massage Therapy?

Feb 08, 2021

Surgery, cuts, wounds and skin infections can injure tissues and result in scarring. Scar tissue develops during the healing process of an injured tissue, causing collagen cells to lose their natural structure and form into a lump. Collagen naturally...

Insurance for Massage Therapists

Jan 29, 2021

As a massage therapist, you are literally giving "hands-on" treatment to clients to help relieve them of stress, facilitate healing and provide them with an overall sense of wellness. The service you provide is priceless, yet there are risks involved.

Studying Stone Therapy Massage

Jan 04, 2021

Hot or chilled, stones are therapeutic to the mind, body and soul. Whether you love to indulge in a stone therapy massage or are curious about its benefits, undertaking formal training in this modality will open you up to wonderful opportunities in...

What is Osteoporosis?

Dec 18, 2020

Osteoporosis is a bone condition that is prevalent in older people, specifically those aged 50 and above. The Australian Burden of Disease Study shows 4.74 million Australians in this age group have osteoporosis, and this number is expected to increase...

Studying Shiatsu

Dec 11, 2020

Do you believe in the power of your hands to heal? If so, you have the makings of a Shiatsu therapist, one who is capable of fusing the elements of manual therapies and Chinese medicine to help others achieve optimal health. What is Shiatsu? Shiatsu...

Meet the Healers: Colleen Harvey

Nov 20, 2020

Who is Colleen Harvey? Do you wish that you could overhaul your health, getting rid of what's causing you pain and restoring the vitality you had when you were 20? There's no need for a magic wand to make your wish come true. Just seek the help of...

A Career in Massage

Nov 18, 2020

What can be more relaxing than a massage therapy at the end of a tiring day? Perhaps every hardworking individual has this question running through their mind, which explains why massage has become the choice of career of many natural health practitioners.

Top 5 Massage Therapy Associations in Australia

Oct 27, 2020

As a massage therapist, you want to be part of a professional association that focuses on your professional growth, customers and overall wellbeing. After all, who doesn't want to join an organisation that provides its members with the latest industry...

Studying Myopractic

Oct 16, 2020

Myopractic is a noninvasive bodywork that promotes relaxation and eliminates aches and pains. It rebuilds the body's structure, restores the bone's normal functions and increases range of motion. In other words, studying myopractic gives you the ability...

How Much Do Massage Therapies Cost?

Sep 15, 2020

Nothing beats a soothing massage to relieve achy muscles and a weary mind after a long, exhausting day. Should you get a Shiatsu massage, a trigger point therapy or a Lomi Lomi? So many choices, and yet so little time. So, we list below an array of...

How to Market Your Massage Therapy Business

Sep 04, 2020

Congratulations! You've finally realised your longtime dream of setting up your own massage therapy business. Don't you just love the beauty of your new massage tables, potpourri set, aromatherapy oil collection, scented candles, cove lighting design...

Chinese Massage for Anaemia

Aug 26, 2020

The role of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and its several branches are widely recognised in the healthcare industry for their unique abilities in relieving people of their ailments without the use of synthetic medicine. Chinese massage is among...

How to Choose a Massage Course

Aug 20, 2020

Whether you're looking to embark on a new career or boost your natural health business, it's worth taking a massage course. In discussions about complementary therapy, massage services frequently crop up because there's no denying their health benefits...

Retreats 101: What Types of Retreats Can You Go To?

Aug 03, 2020

Going into a retreat silences our minds and relaxes our bodies. It allows us to take a break from the everyday noise in our lives and reconnect with our inner selves. A retreat can be a solitary journey or include activities that promote our physical, emotional, psychological...

How to Become a Stone Massage Therapist

Jul 28, 2020

You may have seen it on TV or received one yourself! Stone massage therapy has become increasingly popular thanks to its soothing effect and many health benefits. No wonder massage therapists who are adept at this modality are in high demand the world...

Remedial Massage 101: How It Works

Mar 03, 2020

Remedial massage works intensively with deep tissue massage and mobilisation techniques on localised areas of your body to achieve the following: Blood Supply Stimulation Massage helps the blood to circulate which nourishes and re-establishes a system...

The Basics of Pet Massage

Jun 28, 2019

Just like their human owners, pets endure their share of illness, injuries, bumps and bruises throughout a lifetime. Even long after the trip to the vet, they may suffer from negative side effects such as bad posture, poor blood circulation, and overall...

Myotherapy vs. Remedial Massage

May 09, 2019

Do you get confused by the difference between all the various available physical therapies? Apparently, some modalities may appear to be similar in terms of the techniques being used and on the health conditions being treated. However, this is rarely...

Massage for Weight Loss

Sep 23, 2018

In 2010, sixty people took part in a research project that compared the effectiveness of three kinds of massage in reducing fatty tissue. They were divided into three groups: one lot had a mechanical massage treatment, one group had manual lymphatic...

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