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What is Fructose?

Jul 17, 2019 by Kat Tate

Learn about the simple (or is it?) truth about what fructose is, what food contains fructose & if it's good or bad for you.

Topic: Nutrition

National Diabetes Week 2019

Jun 28, 2019

Celebrate National Diabetes Week 2019 with and help raise awareness about diabetes.

Topic: Events

Tips for Living with Diabetes

Jun 21, 2019 by Amanda Fraser

Simple tips on how you can still live a health & happy life with diabetes. Plus a super health and delicious quinoa salad recipe for diabetics.

Topic: Conditions

Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load Table

Apr 22, 2019 by Amanda Fraser

Learn more about glycemic index and understand how it affects you body, plus a guide to help you understand your food better.

Topic: Nutrition

Eating for Diabetes: Best Diet for Diabetics

Apr 12, 2019 by Amanda Fraser

If you're suffering from diabetes, here are some great diet tips, some good things for you to eat & foods to avoid.

Topic: Dieting

Diabetic-friendly Dessert: Apple and Raspberry Crumble Recipe

Apr 11, 2019 by Amanda Fraser

Suffering from diabetes but still can't help your sweet-tooth? Try this diabetic-friend recipe for apple and raspberry crumble.

Topic: Recipes

Coconut Sugar, The New Trend

Apr 3, 2019 by Amanda Fraser

Learn more about coconut sugar, what it is, its health benefits and find out why it is the latest health food craze.

Topic: Nutrition

Sugar, Its Many Disguises & Danger of Excess Sugar

Jan 30, 2019 by Amanda Fraser

Sugar may be sweet, but too much sugar is very dangerous to our health, especially hidden sugar in foods.

Topic: Dieting Health Research

A Good Guide to Good Carbs: The Glycaemic Index

Aug 22, 2018 by Amanda Fraser

Learn what does glycaemic index mean, plus know more about what low glycaemic foods are healthy for you & alternatives to high glycaemic foods you probably are still eating.

Topic: Nutrition Weight Loss

Diabetes - Causes in 2018

Feb 19, 2018

Diabetes is a problem for many people today, but the causes are not well known. For this reason, we have outlined the commonest causes of diabetes below.

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