What is House Clearing?

Last Updated Jul 16, 2020

Ever wondered if negative energy is affecting your home or workplace? Negative energy or entities are attributed with affecting day to day life, even making you or your family sick. Some houses or workplaces are even said to "hold" this negative energy over a long period of time. ntpages caught up with Jenny Phare of Healing Places, a specialist in spiritual house clearing to learn more.

Tell us a little about yourself and how you came to practice house clearing?

“I ‘woke up’ in 1994, and a year later when I was 45 and extremely unhappy, with zero self esteem, I left my marriage and started my journey.  In late 1995 I completed a 3 day workshop with Zoeros called ‘the Turning Point”, and in 1996 I completed their 3 month course “Mastery and Service”.  Both these courses were psychology based and very confronting, but good for me.  It was during these courses and in the books I began to read that I discovered and became very interested in the body’s energy systems.

In 1997/98, I completed a 2 year long metaphysical and parapsychology course called “The Higher Self Connection” run by AAAP (The Australian Academy of Applied Parapsychology).  This course was amazing, as we did a lot of healing work on ourselves and each other. In 1999, I completed a 1 year ‘Spiritual Healing” course with Chiara College, which included a 3 day retreat and 40 hours of prac work.  Then in 2001, I completed their 1 year course in Metaphysics.  I also attended Doreen Virtue’s 3 day Angel Intuitive during this time.

Then in 2010, I discovered Theta Healing.  This, I believe, is an amazing modality and I have done some very deep healing work on myself since then.  I have completed their Basic, Advanced, DNA3 and Intuitive Anatomy courses. I’ve been practicing Spiritual healing and Spiritual House Clearing since 1998, and Theta Healing since 2010.  The house clearing process has ‘evolved’ over the years into what it is today.”

How long have you been active?

“In 1998 I started the work with a friend.  Then in 2001 I met my husband John and we’ve been doing the work together.  He has also completed Metaphysical studies.  I also do some of the work with a new friend, Wendy, who also completed the 2 year AAAP course.”

What equipment do you use in a clearing?

“We work by connecting to the Creator or Universe or source, so it is not religious based, but spiritual and therefore encompasses all religions.  We facilitate the work by using divine white light from the Universe, so we don’t use any equipment as such.”

What would someone have to do to prepare for a clearing i.e. the client?

“We do 2 types of clearing; 1) home or business visit, and 2) remote or long distance work.  With both, we prefer that everyone be home, but it’s not imperative.  The only additional thing we need from our remote clients is a list of rooms, or rough drawing of the house, or the link to the website if it’s on the market.”

How long is a house clearing?

“The clearing and healing work takes anything from 30 minutes to an hour for a unit or house with up to 3 bedrooms, or if the home has 4 bedrooms or more, this will take roughly 2 hours.”

What process do you follow?

“We come into the home, have a chat with the occupants to explain our procedure, then while they go about their usual business we walk from room to room feeling what is happening in the home.  We do a ‘general’ clearing in the centre of the space, then we go back and clear each room individually, replacing all negative energy with vibrant positive divine white light.  This is followed by a clearing of the land itself, protecting the boundaries and checking for ley line or water courses that may be adversely affecting the home.  We place a blessing on the home/business and all who live or work there.  After this, we check everyone’s energy systems and we perform a ‘mini’ Spiritual healing on everyone, ensuring their energies are left clean and refreshed, and we remove any negative energy attachments, or any curses etc from them.

The ‘remote’ clearing is exactly the same, however we intuitively complete it.”

What space can I get cleared, i.e. only houses?

“Any living or work space can be cleared.  Land can also be cleared.”

What makes a house have these negative energies?

“Many things can affect a home or workplace or the land, for example a death nearby which results in a lost soul haunting the area.  A lost soul is a person who has passed away experiencing some kind of trauma, such as an unexpected accident, a suicide, or where there is unresolved issues with another person.  Not all people who die become lost souls, the majority cross over to the light.

Another example is how negative energy can affect and even permeate the very fabric of a building.  A murder is the most obvious, but negative emotions expressed in a building, such as hate, anger, rage, depression and abuse are all examples of how negativity can affect a home or workplace.  When this has been extreme, it can open a portal or dimensional tear between ours and a lower dimension, allowing entities through which can then play havoc with people’s lives by exacerbating negative emotions etc.  We can ‘feel’ this negativity during the clearing as a heaviness or coldness.  It can be all over the building, or it can be worse in some rooms.”

Do you have a typical customer?

“Often families come to us as the children are more sensitive to what is going on in the house and can be badly affected.  I’ve even had an urgent call from a truckie who was planning to sleep over night in his truck and leave his family to it if it didn’t stop!

We complete many clearings for people who are trying to sell their home, and also for people who have just moved in to a home.  We have done some Real Estate agent work in this regard.

Businesses can also benefit, both in productivity, efficiency and staff morale if all negativity is removed.”

You are able to work anywhere in the world – is this an over the phone consultation?

“We organise the work via email, or over the phone, but while we are completing the work we are working intuitively.

After all jobs are completed, visits included, we email a written report on what we have found, both in the building and with the people.  Clients often ring back to discuss their situation after they have read our report.  We also send them some information detailing how they can keep their homes and workplaces and themselves energetically clean after we have finished.

People have drawn this experience to themselves for a reason.  I feel that with the shift that is happening on the planet at this time more and more people are being ‘woken up’ to commence their healing journeys and to release the negative emotions and beliefs from their past.  With this in mind I also offer one-on-one Theta and Spiritual Healing sessions.”

See Healing Places page for more about Jenny's range of services.

Originally published on Aug 10, 2012

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