When Was the Last Time You Danced?

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Last Updated Jul 17, 2020
Health Tips

On a recent beach run, I passed a young woman grooving by the water’s edge. Headphones in, she was swaying and bopping and oblivious to anyone watching. They say it’s key to happiness – dancing like nobody’s watching. And if you haven’t danced in a while, here are some wonderful reasons to get toe-tapping.

1. Get a Dancer’s Body

From a purely physical perspective, dancing tones and hones your body into shape. There’s a reason why dancers are called athletes – because they develop incredible strength, agility and form.
It works all your major muscle groups, burns body fat and improves your balance.

2. Dancing for Bone Health

Studies have shown dancing also builds your bones. As you move, bones adapt to muscle movement to produce more bone cells. This means stronger bones and a lower risk of osteoporosis, fractures and other bone health issues.

3. Dancing for Your Memory

Incredibly, dancing has been found to boost our memory. A study published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine found that dancing the cha-cha twice a week improvise memory and cpgnitive function.
And a New England Journal study found dancers are less likely to get dementia. And many studies have highlighted that people with Alzheimer’s disease can remember lost memories when memorable music is played. That’s because dancing enhances brain chemical levels, encouraging nerve cell growth.

4. Dancing for Your Wellbeing

Then there’s my dancing friend on the beach. She was so happy, kicking up the water and dancing like no one was watching. As a I ran past, we both grinned at each other.
There’s no doubt that cranking up the music and letting loose is good for the soul. Next time you feel down, try it and see!

Other Health Benefits of Dancing

That’s not all. Dancing is also wonderful for improving social skills, self-esteem, decreasing depression, aiding anxiety, improving spatial awareness and boosting heart health.
So come on, get your groove on!

Originally published on Sep 15, 2014

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