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4 best exercises for cooler months

4 best exercises for cooler months

4 best exercises for cooler months

We’ve rounded up the 4 best winter workouts for these cooler months to keep you warmed up and on track. Brrr, baby it’s cold outside! And that means it’s oh so tempting to hide under the doona and hibernate. But unfortunately that’s not going to help us get or stay fit.


I used to complain about running in a little rain, or when the temperature dipped below 15 degrees. Then I saw people in the US, Canada and UK running in
snow! I figured if they can brace the worst weather, I can run in a little cool breeze.

So yes, it’s possible to keep running in winter. You just have to be prepared. That means wearing wicking layers (fabrics that keep sweat off your skin), so you can peel off each one as you get warm – and put them back on as you cool down. You’ll also need trainers with a good tread if you live in an ice-prone area (although in our climate, waterproof trainers are probably more important).

Indoor circuit

The gym is a great place to retreat when the weather turns. But if you’re not a gym fan, you can set up a circuit at home. You’ll only need a few pieces of equipment, depending on your training program. Like dumbbells, a workout/yoga mat, perhaps a skipping rope and kettle bell. Ensure you have enough space, and set a schedule so you don’t skip the workout for a little couch time.

Try a fitness class

Winter is the perfect time to try a new activity. Like indoor rock climbing, yoga, Pilates, indoor cycling (spinning), even swimming – in a heated pool of course! Check out your local gym, sports centre or community centre for events and regular activities. You might just find a new passion that you take into summer with you, too.

Tread the treadmill

Pounding the pavement isn’t as fun when it’s cold and wet. Gone are those magical summer days, and instead you arrive home soppy and sad. A treadmill is a great winter option if you love to walk. So rather than skipping your walk because of the weather, a treadmill can keep you on track. Literally, because it has plenty of programs to track your workouts and progress. Then when summer rolls around, you won’t be starting back at square one.

So rug up and enjoy your winter workouts!

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