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3 tips to stay positive in winter

3 tips to stay positive in winter

3 tips to stay positive in winter

What are some ways you can stay positive in winter? Do you find that the weather affects your mood? You’re not the only one – Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) often arises in the gloomier months. So what are some ways you can stay positive in winter?

Change up your exercise routine

One sure-fire way to have a sunny outlook in winter is to keep moving! We need endorphins at this time of year even more than in summer. So have a plan for switching your summer workout over to winter.

This might include investing in some warmer gear. Joining the gym if it’s too wet and windy outside. Designing an indoor routine using everyday gear you have in the home (you can do weights with sugar or flour bags!) Or taking up indoor classes like yoga or spin classes.

An exercise DVD can also be a great pick-me-up when it’s just too gloomy to step outside.

Be sure to set a schedule so it’s easier to stick to your goals. And add a little (non-food) reward to sweeten it.

Make your home cosy

You’ve no doubt heard of ‘hygge’ (hue-gah), the Scandinavian term that sums up that cosy at-home feeling. Well, winter is all about hygge-fying your home! Buy some soft throw rugs and lots of comfy cushions. Add some soft candles or dimmable light switches.

Ensure your heating is maintained and working well (as well as being as eco-friendle as possible). And create a beautiful, homely space that you’ll love to retreat to when the day is done.

Eat nourishing foods

In winter, it is oh so tempting to curl up on the couch and devour a rich meal – or loads of hot chocolate! But sugar has been shown to have a big effect on how we feel, both physically and mentally. Indulging every now and then is DEFINITELY encouraged, but not as a habit.

Chat with a nutritionist or dietician to get your eating on point. There are ways to soothe the soul and warm the body – without any preservatives or sugars. Even just starting the day with a hearty bowl of warm porridge can set you on the right track

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