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5 perks of a good night’s sleep

5 perks of a good night’s sleep

Do you have trouble getting a good night’s sleep? According to a study from Cornell University, not only does getting enough sleep make you happy, but being a happy and positive person could help you attain a good night’s sleep.

The connection could work two ways, according to the researchers. For instance, people who feel good about their life tend to be more proactive about maintaining good health, such as staying active and exercising regularly, both of which are linked to better sleep. Also, people who battle age-related issues that dampen one's outlook on life, like depression and heart disease, tend to have more sleep problems.


  1. You'll Look PrettierSleeping beauty had this one right: According to a 2010 study published in the British Medical Journal, regular sleep alone actually makes you look prettier.  John Axelsson, lead researcher in the study, conveys, "Sleep should be seen as the body's natural beauty treatment and a clear alternative or complement to other beauty treatments."
  2. You’ll Eat LessResearch shows that there is a connection between a lack of sleep, increased hunger and weight gain. The findings suggest that otherwise healthy people may eat more than 500 additional calories a day when they're sleep deprived.
  3. You’ll Make Better DecisionsA study published last year in the Journal of Sleep Research found that people make wiser choices and better decisions after a good night's sleep.
  4. You Could Learn BetterSeveral studies have linked quality sleep with increased performance on learning-related tasks.
  5. You Can Be More OrganizedRobert Oexman, D.C., is director of the Sleep to Live Institute. He says that when humans are sleepy, they can lack the focus and drive to stay on task long enough to keep things orderly. "Sleep-deprived people can't focus very well," he says. "A lot of things are cluttered in their lives and they find themselves less organized."

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