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Dorn Therapy 101: The Basics

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Nov 25, 2020

Pain and joint misalignments don't require medication or surgery. You only need to listen to what the body's saying and apply gentle pressure where it is needed. In doing so, you eliminate pain and restore the body's healthy structure. This process is known as the Dorn Method, a unique form of holistic therapy which is used to address a wide range of musculoskeletal issues and other health disorders.

What is Dorn Therapy?

Dorn therapy is a gentle, painless way of correcting misalignments in the spinal column and joints. It may appear similar to chiropractic, but if you look closely, you will see a big difference. The practitioner doesn't solely do all of the correction; the treatment process is a two-way street where both the practitioner and client collaborate to fix the issue at hand.  

For instance, when the practitioner spots an uneven vertebrae in the sacrum and applies gentle pressure to get it back in place, the client is asked to make mindful movements, such as swinging one leg back and forth, to support the correction process. 

Why is it Called Dorn Therapy?

Dorn therapy was named after its founder Dieter Dorn, a German sawmill owner who discovered it in the 1970s while addressing his wife's worsening headaches, which doctors failed to cure. Upon checking his wife's neck, he discovered a twisted vertebra. Dorn pushed the bone gently back into position while his wife moved her head from left to right. She never suffered another headache since.

What Conditions Can be Treated With Dorn Therapy?

Dorn therapy may be designed for the spine and joint misalignments, but the process of correcting these problems leads to the reactivation of the body's natural healing ability. Studies show that this modality can help with a host of conditions besides those that are directly linked to the skeletal system such as the following:

How Does the Dorn Method Work?

The therapy session begins with the therapist measuring the length of the legs. Dorn therapy works on the principle that when the length of the legs is uneven, it could result in knee, hip or spinal disorders. After measuring the legs, the practitioner asks the client to get into a lying position and starts correcting the problem.

The therapist raises the client's leg, forming a 90-degree angle and applying gentle pressure against the hip joint, and then brings the leg back down to a straight position.

After performing the exercise a couple more times on the client, the practitioner guides them in doing it so that they can perform the corrective exercise regularly at home and eventually even out their leg length. After working on the client's legs, the practitioner proceeds to work on the following areas:

  • Knees
  • Ankle
  • Spinal column
  • Sacrum
  • Upper spine
  • Cervical spine
  • Shoulder
  • Elbow
  • Hand
  • Fingers

Check the full listings of Dorn therapy practitioners on the Natural Therapy Pages to find one in your local area who can help you with your body's structural problem.

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FAQs About Dorn Therapy & Its Benefits

Is it difficult to learn the Dorn method?

Not at all. The training for Dorn therapy only covers two days. Besides your hands, you only need to be willing to learn to succeed in the training program.

How many treatments are necessary?

The number of treatments that you need to attend will depend on the condition you're seeking treatment for. Some people see positive results after three treatments, while others require longer therapy sessions. Clients should perform the self-help exercises prescribed by their therapist on a regular basis to speed up their recovery.

Is the Dorn method a safe treatment?

Yes, absolutely! The Dorn Method is a safe and painless form of therapy that involves gentle, corrective techniques. It has been around for more than 40 years, and there have been no reported adverse effects.

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