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How Much Do Body & Structural Therapies Cost?

Oct 07, 2020

Our unmindful movements can damage the structure of our bodies and hinder us from functioning as we should. It's only through pain that our bodies can communicate such problems to us. So, when we couldn't sit, stand, walk or simply turn our heads from...

Waterworks and Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

Feb 06, 2012

So many of us have problems with a little leaking of urine, faeces, or prolapse of the pelvic organs (incontinence). It’s so common that special pads and pants are available in the supermarket to help. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could regain control...

What is Good Movement?

Nov 29, 2011

You’ve probably heard the story about the centipede unable to walk because he can’t work out which leg to put down next!  If he stopped agonising about it, his legs and brain together would take care of it for him. We’re a bit like that.  If...

What is a Feldenkrais Treatment Like?

Nov 04, 2011

We make snap judgements about people many times a day, based on no more than how they appear in front of us.  Though we don’t realise that our view of ourselves - our self-image - is reflected in what we do and how we are, we know it at least at an...

All About the Feldenkrais Method

Jun 21, 2011

People usually come to the method because they have some sort of movement related problem, examples include I played sport for years, and had ankle and shoulder injuries, but now my back and neck also play up when I sit too long and when I play golf.  I’m  45...

What is the Feldenkrais Method?

Jun 17, 2011

The Feldenkrais Method teaches movement, posture and breathing that aims to expand and refine self-awareness in order to decrease pain or limitations in movement and promote well-being Health Founded in Good Function The Feldenkrais Method is grounded...

The Benefits of the Feldenkrais Method

Jun 15, 2011

Young or old, physically challenged or physically fit, anyone can benefit from the Feldenkrais Method.  If you’re struggling with limited movement or chronic pain the Feldenkrais Method can help. If you’re generally very healthy but want to improve...

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