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How Much Do Body & Structural Therapies Cost?

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Last Updated Feb 10, 2021

How Much Do Body & Structural Therapies Cost?

Our unmindful movements can damage the structure of our bodies and hinder us from functioning as we should. It's only through pain that our bodies can communicate such problems to us. So, when we couldn't sit, stand, walk or simply turn our heads from left to right without feeling pain, there must be something wrong.

Consulting a body and structural therapist will improve the way you move and release any discomfort that you may be experiencing. Here in Australia, the cost of your therapy will depend on several factors, including the severity of your condition, where you receive treatment, the duration of your treatment and the qualifications of the therapist with whom you'll be working.

Here below is a list of body and structural therapies that can help improve your balance, posture and movements.

Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique is a posture-based training method that improves the joints so that you can move with ease. The practitioner examines the position of your head in relation to your spine and body movements and then guides your body accordingly so that it can move more efficiently.

Price: $50 to $77

Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology is a form of holistic therapy which utilises muscle testing to communicate with the body's nervous system, identify any imbalances in its organs or tissues and restore balance. It can help with a host of conditions such as neck and shoulder pain, digestive issues, muscle tension, headaches, sleep issues, anxiety and many others.

Price: $150 to $240

How much for a chiropractic session?Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a manual therapy that involves spinal manipulation to address alignment problems, eliminate pain and support the body's natural ability to heal itself.

Price: $60 to $100


Dorn Therapy

Dorn Therapy is a method that treats misalignments in the spinal column and uneven leg length. This treatment is unique in itself as the practitioner demonstrates various techniques for rebalancing the joints so that you can do them yourself even at home to address back pain, hip pain, headaches and sciatica, among others.

Price: $95 to $125

Emmett Therapy

Emmett Therapy is a type of manual therapy that applies a light finger pressure to reset affected muscle groups to relieve back pain, neck and shoulder tension, sinus congestion, abdominal pain and many other conditions. 

Price: $50 to $80


Feldenkrais is a therapy method that teaches the nervous system to develop mindful movements. This therapeutic approach raises awareness of body sensations to improve posture, address pain and injury and expand your range of motion. You can attend an Awareness Through Movement (ATM) class or book a one-on-one Feldenkrais Integration (FI) session with a Feldenkrais practitioner.  

Price: $55 to $130 for an individual session / $29 to $35 for ATM class


Hellerwork is a deep-tissue bodywork that realigns the structure of the body and loosens up the soft tissues within it to restore their natural processes. Undergoing this treatment will improve your posture, flexibility and energy levels.

Price: $55 to $150


Ortho-Bionomy is a holistic approach to addressing neuro-structural dysfunctions due to stress. A qualified practitioner of this modality facilitates communication between the body's muscles and the nervous system to remove tension from the sensory receptors and activate the body's natural healing ability.

Price: $80 to $100

How much for an osteopathic consult?Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a holistic therapy that corrects tissue and joint abnormalities to improve circulation, reduce muscle spasm, improve flexibility and restore the functions of the muscles and joints.

Price: $85 to $100


Physiotherapy combines massage therapy, exercise and other modalities to eliminate pain and physical dysfunction due to injury or illness. It helps restore mobility and prevents the possibility of injuries in the future.

Price: $90 to $135


Podiatry is a medical speciality that focuses on the treatment of a range of conditions affecting the feet and ankles such as ingrown toenails, flat feet, walking problems, bunions, diabetes, knee pain and arthritis, to name just a few.

Price: $30 to $500


Rolfing is a type of manual therapy that involves the manipulation of the body's soft tissues to realign and balance the body's natural structure. This process can enhance your health in many ways as it improves blood circulation and posture, increases joint mobility and reduces pain.

Price: $75 to $120

Sports Injury Therapy

Sports Injury Therapy involves the application of different manual therapies to impaired muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons in the body to relieve pain and restore the function of the affected area. A treatment session typically involves stretching, strengthening and mobilisation techniques.

Price: $140 to $190

How much for a structural integration consult?Structural Integration

Structural Integration is a form of manual therapy that involves fascial manipulation to bring muscles, ligaments and tendons into alignment with the body's skeleton. This relieves pain and stress and improves balance, posture and mobility.

Price: $135 to $540

The human body is like a jigsaw puzzle with several parts; lose one piece and you'll cease to function. That is why it is important to maintain its structural integrity with the help of a qualified therapist. Check out the Natural Therapy Pages' comprehensive list of practitioners to get more information about the modality that interests you.

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Originally published on Oct 07, 2020

FAQs About Cost of Body & Structural Therapies in Australia

Is body & structural therapy worth the cost?

Your health is your most valuable asset, and if receiving therapy will improve your condition and quality of life, then it's a worthwhile investment. Whether you're struggling with a physical disorder or emotional distress, natural holistic therapy can make a massive improvement to your health.

Does insurance pay for a body & structural therapist?

Most natural therapies are covered by private health insurance companies. Your rebates depend on what is stipulated in your policy. It would be best to contact your health fund provider and enquire about the details of your coverage.

What should I talk to my body & structural therapist about?

Therapists are trained to listen to their clients without any judgement. You can raise any issue you've been struggling with and know in your heart that your therapist can help you find a solution for it.

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