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Shoctober Defibrillator Awareness Month 2019

Sep 16, 2019

Learn more about Shoctober 2019, also known as Defibrillator Awareness Month 2019. Plus find out more about cardiac arrest.

Topic: Events Heartburn

World Heart Day 2019

Aug 26, 2019

This 29 September, celebrate World Heart Day 2019 by becoming a heart hero and promise to a better cardiovascular health.

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National Stroke Week 2019

Aug 9, 2019

Be a F.A.S.T. Hero in this year's National Stroke Week and learn more about stroke, its symptoms, treatments and prevention.

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Exercise can do more for your health than medications

Jun 12, 2018 by Amanda Fraser

The best exercises you can do are those that can keep your weight under control, improve your range of motion as well as your balance, strengthen your bones and protect your joints.

Topic: Fitness Weight Loss

5 Ways to Use Less Salt

May 6, 2016 by Amanda Fraser

Salt is an essential mineral for your body

Topic: Nutrition

5 Ways to Make Time for Exercise in Your Life

Sep 16, 2013 by Craig Gibson

So if it is so good for us, why donít many of us prioritise exercise in our life?

Topic: Exercise Therapy Fatigue

Laughter for a Healthy Heart

Feb 4, 2013 by Kat Tate

New research has found that getting giggly isnít just good for our wellbeing, itís also crucial for keeping our heart healthy.

Topic: Wellbeing Health Research

Tai Chi Benefits Patients with Heart Failure

Jul 19, 2011 by Michelle Newton

People with chronic heart failure have long been thought of as too frail to do any sort of exercise and are often advised to avoid all but the most basic physical activity.

Topic: Tai Chi Health Research

Cardiovascular Support

Jul 10, 2009

Cardiovascular disease continues to be the leading cause of death among middle-aged men and women. Studies confirm that heart disease may be developed early in life although its symptoms begin to surface only when the disease is at an advanced stage.

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