Can Pilates Help Me Lose Weight?

Health & Wellness
Jul 15, 2011
Health & Wellness

So you need to shift a few kilos? Will Pilates help you to lose weight or do you need to up the ante at the gym too?

Pilates Builds Muscle

Pilates works on building muscle strength – especially the core muscles in the back, abdomen and upper legs. Strengthening these muscles not only makes you appear trim and toned. It creates lean muscle mass and this is one of the best ways to increase your kilojoule-burning potential – even when you’re resting.

Pilates Provides a Workout

Most Pilates classes go for an hour and although you won’t see beads of sweat pouring from all the participants’ faces, don’t be fooled. They are getting a workout. The secret to success with Pilates is in your technique. With the correct technique you can burn kilojoules whilst toning too. You can also rev up the reps or pace for a more aerobic-style Pilates session. 

Pilates Promotes Breathing

Pilates encourages deep diaphragmatic breathing. Promoting efficient breathing encourages the metabolic process, tissue regeneration and can enhance aerobic fitness by making other forms of exercise easier.

Pilates Posture

Pilates focuses on lengthening your spine and engaging your core muscles when you sit or standing. By emphasizing good alignment you look leaner.

Cross Training With Pilates

By committing to regular Pilates classes two or three times a week and executing the correct technique you will soon appear leaner and more toned. If you really want to shift some stubborn kilograms, a combination of Pilates and other aerobic exercise such as swimming, walking, cycling or jogging will see you looking and feeling fantastic.

Pilates Promotes Healthy Living

With the emphasis on your posture during Pilates class you’ll find it easier to focus on healthy eating. Even if the number on the scales doesn’t change, you’ll find your body shape does.

Pilates improves posture, flexibility, muscle tone and muscle mass. It also improves your overall energy level, physical fitness and sense of well-being.

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