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Yoga: the new prescription offered by Doctors

Yoga: the new prescription offered by Doctors

What do yoga and psychotherapists have in common? More than you might think! Some doctors are now ‘prescribing’ yoga practice to their patients, as a way to complement medical treatment.
A recent report published in Huffington Post quotes Californian psychotherapist Jack Obedzinski, MD, as saying, “Traditional doctors are taking notice [of yoga’s benefits] and finding it, in some cases, to be a valuable complement to the work they’re already doing.”
He goes on to say that yoga allows his patients to experience calm and relaxation in a way that traditional ‘talk’ therapy doesn’t achieve.
In 2002, Dr Richard Usatine, a medical educator at Florida State University, was cited in ScienceDaily as saying, “Yoga can be as important as any medication. This is a lifestyle change. This is a way to improve the quality of your life.”
Usatine prescribes his patients yoga, combined with the usuals – healthy diet, exercise and sleep. He even goes one step further and specifies the yoga routine specific to each patient’s illness or ailment. For depression, the ‘cobra’ and ‘sitting cat pose’ are suggested. For asthma, the seated chair twist and ‘wing and prayer’ asanas are recommended.

So why are medical professionals now taking notice of yoga and its myriad benefits?

It could be because more of us practice and are aware of yoga than ever before. As yoga morphs from an ancient ascetic and spiritual practice into a discipline for managing modern maladies, the science world has no other option but to study its benefits and incorporate it into their programs.
And experts say the link between modern medicine and yoga is only going to strengthen in coming years. The more we unearth about the profound power of the practice, the more confident medical professionals are in recommending it to their patients. 

What are the benefits of yoga?

Yoga’s benefits are a seemingly endless list – and science discovers more every day. Here are some of the top reasons to adopt a yoga practice:
  • Boost mood
  • Relieve anxiety and depression
  • Gain greater self-awareness and confidence
  • Improve flexibility, strength and posture
  • Strengthen spine and bone health
  • Enhance blood flow

For more information about yoga and its benefits, you can browse the yoga articles on Natural Therapy Pages. Or better yet, try a yoga class in your local area and experience the greatness of yoga for yourself.

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