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Emmett Technique:Outback Therapist with A Vision

Last Updated Oct 30, 2020

Those looking for relief from a range of muscular aches and pains should take time to consider the advantages of the unique body therapy that is the Emmett Technique. With a background as a remedial therapist, practitioner and instructor Ross Emmett is well versed in a wide range of therapies, including therapeutic massage and Bowen Therapy.  He developed his unique technique over a lifetime, including time spent serving remote outback communities.  Emmett has basically synthesized a number of therapeutic approaches into a technique that enables rapid recovery from a wide range of physical ailments; promoting enhanced range of movement, pain relief, enhanced posture and improved circulation, respiration, digestion and strength. The ntpages took time out to speak to Ross and find out more about the evolution of his technique…

How did you come to develop this unique technique?

"I developed the technique when I was younger from sport participation and working on animals at the Animal Research Institute. I later combined these skills with older proven therapies such as Trigger Therapy, Massage, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Bowen Therapy and other muscle therapies and began to get even better results."

What walks of life were your patients from in those rural communities?

"Most of my clients were miners, farm workers and remote families. These people needed a technique which gave results quickly as they were unable to return on a regular basis because of the distance they had to travel. Some traveled up to 1000 km round trip so I may only have had one treatment to make the change."

What particular ailments did they come to you with?

"The major injuries- back pain, shoulder pain, lower leg pain, headache and the feeling they were 'just not right'. Some injuries had been carried for many months, even years and this was their first time they had been to a large town. Again, a result was needed at the time of the first visit."

What does a typical consultation involve?

"People can remain fully clothed or remove garments down to what they are comfortable in. The time taken is around 30 to 40 minutes with the offer of a second consultation within 3 to 7 days if necessary."

What techniques do you use?

"The techniques I use are a combination of moves developed by myself using holding points.  This is a gentle physical release of muscle groups using muscle activation points. There is also a verbal element to the approach, with language skills used to encourage attitude change. This is to set in place any positive changes that may have a memory attachment, and to have the client mentally note the change to the positive."

What is the primary advantage of the Emmett Technique?

"The great thing about this technique is that it is extremely flexible.  It may be used on its own or as a valuable addition to any other therapy. Therefore it is a complementary therapy. There is also value in each singular move. There is no need for a set procedure, meaning a quicker outcome for the client."

How different is it from Bowen Therapy?

"The major difference between Bowen and the Emmett technique is Bowen is taught as a modality not to be mixed with other therapies. Bowen also relies on set procedures to be performed and a break of 7 days without other treatment. This is to find an outcome. The moves are known as double action moves which are the basic principle of the Bowen technique. The Emmett Technique can be integrated with other types of therapy (especially Bowen) to enhance their outcome. Therefore it is a complementary therapy. It also has the power to be performed and work in its own right. The results are noticed immediately with the relief of the clients' pain and discomfort and this will continue to work for quite some time later. The moves involve holding points or a one way switch action."

What ailments do you treat most often?

"The technique is suitable for a range of ailments. At this time we have not found its limitations in many areas due to the fact that I am still in practice and developing continuously. The best known include arthritis, muscular pain and restrictions, headaches, stress related complaints, sports injuries and the ability to help babies and pregnant women."

Tell us a bit about your "Could what you're wearing be wearing you out?" statement?

"Could what you are wearing be wearing you out" is a collection of observations I have made over 30 years as a therapist. Many therapists or practitioners have performed a very good treatment only to have the client's complaint return within hours of them leaving the clinic. This may be the result of a simple selection of fashion: a large watch, tight belt or wrong shoes, but the therapist will wear the blame. The talks I give will supply the public and therapists the insight into many of these selections and the understanding of their involvement. It may help the public and practitioners to retain their confidence in the therapy as well as the practitioner."

Can anyone learn Emmett Technique?

"Yes, any person may be taught the technique and they can do very well. However, it is far better to have the knowledge of a qualified therapist working in the bodywork industry."

Can laypersons benefit from your technique in any way?

"There is a short eight hour course called Emm-Tech which is available to the general public. These are taught by qualified Emmett Technique tutors.  This is a simpler approach to the technique with no prior knowledge of anatomy and physiology needed."

Who typically attends your courses?

"We have practitioners from Massage, Occupational Therapy, Bowen Therapy, Acupuncture, Reiki, Reflexology, Kinesiology and Physiotherapy.  Doctors and nurses have also added this therapy to enhance the range of treatments in their practices."

How long is the course?

"The course is taught in 2 day blocks. There are 6 of these 2 day blocks called modules. All training is by qualified Emmett Instructors and practitioners.  The technique is user friendly allowing all trainees to incorporate this training into their usual treatments and experience results from the first days training.  The total training of the modules may take up to 12 months to complete."

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Originally published on Nov 02, 2010

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