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Would You Try Goat Yoga?

Would You Try Goat Yoga?

We’ve reported on some pretty weird and wacky yoga trends in the past. And now, we bring you…goat yoga. Yes, seriously. There once was a woman who took her goat to yoga and now it’s a ‘thing’.
Oh and in case you guessed, yes. It’s in America.
Obviously if you don’t have a spare goat milling around, it’s going to be tricky to take part in this new yoga fad. But if you live in the country, why not give it a goat? I mean, a go?

What on earth is goat yoga?

Goat yoga began on a little farm in Albany, Oregon. First there was one goat, then a few, and now a waiting list of 500 yogis and their goats want to join the fun.
Question is – how do the goats get involved?
Founder Lainey Morse started something called Goat Happy Hour. Which one can only assume involves cheap cocktails in a paddock? Then she decided to extend into yoga classes.
“My goats are very social and friendly animals and love to interact with people,” Morse said. “Animals are known to have so many health benefits for humans as well, so the mix of goats and yoga seemed to fit.”
The goats meander around, sometimes coming to sniff the yogis and check out what they’re doing. That’s pretty much the crux of it. In one video, a kid (of the goat, not human kind) even climbs onto the back of a yogi who is resting in child’s pose. Wonder how relaxing that was?
“Even when they chew their cud, they go into a meditative state, so it just seemed like it went well together.
“With how things are going on right now (in the world), it’s a great distraction.”
I don’t know about you, but having a goat chewing curd would definitely be a distraction while doing my downward dogs.

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