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3 Steps to Better Posture

3 Steps to Better Posture

Many of us spend our days hunched over computer screens (or art tables or school desks or microscopes…) And unfortunately, our modern life means a higher risk of poor posture. So if you’re feeling a little stiff or sore, try these steps to better posture:

3 Steps to Better Posture

Start seated

First, work on improving your seated posture. When we slouch, slump, or simply sit in the wrong way, we put stress and strain on our muscles and tissues. This can lead to long-term posture problems and even injury.

Here’s how to improve your seated posture:

  •     Adjust your chair so it properly supports your back
  •     Ensure your knees are just lower than your hips, when your feet are flat on the floor.
  •     Move your chair to the right position, so you can type with straight wrists and forearms.
  •     Get used to keeping your feet on the floor – or use a foot rest if you need.
  •     Ensure your screen is at eye level, about an arm’s length away from you.
  •     Never slouch!

Take a posture photo

Have someone take a photo of you standing still, so you can pinpoint any posture problems. As explained in this article, you might like to march on the spot for a few beats, so you can get an accurate snapshot of your stance.

Study the photos to see if your head, shoulders, back and hips are in total alignment. If not, look for:

  •     Swaying too far forward with your hips
  •     Sticking your butt out
  •     Hunching your shoulders forward
  •     Rounding/curving your shoulders
  •     Pitching your head forward
  •     Tilting your head to the side
  •     One shoulder higher than the other
  •     One hip higher than the other
  •     Feet and ankles facing out or in (they should be straight)

Get the proper alignment

There are different stretches you can do for each of the problems above. But for the best results and improvement, it’s worth seeing a specialist. A physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor are an example of the practitioners who can help you get into better alignment – and improve your posture.

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