The Benefits of Kahuna Massage

Health & Wellness
Dec 09, 2011
Health & Wellness

Kahuna massage, also known as Lomi Lomi, was created in the islands of the South Sea. In Hawaii it is called loving hands massage. This description gives a good indication to the intentions of this specific massage technique. Whereas most types of massage are focused on fixing certain problems like pain, stress and injury, Kahuna massage is focused on sending loving energy to the person receiving it. Everyone can agree that receiving loving energy is beneficial in many ways.

7 Principles of Huna

There are seven principles that govern the healing intentions of a Kahuna massage. Each one offers a unique benefit.

  • Ike is the principle of awareness. Awareness leads to introspection, which leads eventually to healing of self. When the therapist recognizes the recipient as a conscious and loving being, it supports the ability of the recipient to honor their own existence. Feeling the hands of the practitioner brings somatic awareness and allows for a greater mind-body connection.
  • Kala teaches that everything is connected, and there are no limits except the ones we put on ourselves. The fluid motions of Kahuna massage are continuous and unlimited. They help to erase the stop-and-start boundaries that our analytical minds use to create limitations. The massage begins to deepen the sense of inner freedom.
  • Makia suggests that energy flows to the things on which we place our focus. As the therapist focuses on the client, loving and compassionate energy flows into the physical and subtle bodies of the recipient. Most people scatter their focus on the mundane tasks of life. This causes stress in the mental and physical bodies. The rhythmic patterns of Kahuna massage help to clean the nervous system slate, redirecting outward flowing thoughts and energies back into the heart and back into the present moment.
  • Manawa brings focus on the power that is accessible in the present moment. As Makia gathers the outgoing focus, Manawa plants them into the now. The limitations of time begin to blur, and the mind-body connection can transcend normal understanding. The result can be great awakening or deep processing of traumatic events in our past, leading to a stronger sense of self.
  • Aloha is the stronger sense of self that results from Manawa. When one pulls all of their focus into present moment awareness, and allows for old memories and traumas to let go, the abundant happiness that is ever present in the heart begins to flow freely again.
  • Mana is the power that is inherent in all things. The flow of Aloha from the practitioner and from the heart of the receiver combine to generate a powerful confidence. When limitations have been removed, the focus gathered, the past released into the present, love realized, then the powerful spiritual center of confidence is accessible.
  • Pono is the sense of truth that results from the collaborative workings of the first six Huna principles. Truth of one’s own Self gives rise to the greater truths of life.

Sure Kahuna massage is great for your immune system, digestive system, circulatory system and respiratory system. It offers many benefits similar to other forms of massage. The real and lasting benefits of this loving massage technique have to be the planting of the seeds of the Huna principles. Once the seeds are planted by the therapist, then the garden within the receiver will grow and become fruitful.

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