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Corporate, Workplace and Event Massage

Corporate, Workplace and Event Massage
While massage is often associated with a spa, retreat or similarly dedicated venue, employers are beginning to realise the benefit of having qualified practitioners visit their workplace. Even a brief shoulder massage can help ease the strain of hours spent at a workstation or in endless meetings. Working at a computer is a major contributor to back, neck and shoulder discomfort, not to mention the strain put on our eyes, wrists and hands. This is a result of a number of factors, including poor posture, poor ergonomics in workstation design and extended periods spent sitting. Massage makes people more relaxed and they are very likely to be more productive – so everyone benefits! Mobile practitioners can also help to take the stress out of other settings, including special occasions such as weddings, events and anniversaries.

Benefits of Massage

There can be little doubt that massage is beneficial to our overall wellbeing. The more obvious benefits of massage in a workplace setting include:
  • Reduced anxiety levels.
  • Alleviating the mental and physical effects of stress.
  • A positive effect on blood pressure.
  • Providing a treatment option for a wide variety of ailments.
  • Stimulating blood flow to increase alertness.
  • Directly affecting employee loyalty, productivity and commitment.
  • Workplace Massage
Workplaces are often associated with stress and tension, which over time can develop into more serious physical and psychological problems. A workplace massage is the ideal treatment to avert this scenario, especially if massage is regularly available to employees. Sessions are short, typically 10 to 30 minutes and participants remain fully clothed while they enjoy any number of techniques including remedial, sports, deep tissue, relaxing and Swedish massage.

Event Massage

Events, conferences, exhibitions, tradeshows and seminars can also be stressful experiences for participants and visitors alike. This is where massage can either take the pressure off employees or provide a memorable experience for visitors to your event. Even a quick shoulder and neck massage can help to motivate and keep people positive, interested and enthusiastic at your event.

Special Occasion Massage

There is nothing more stressful than a special occasion, given all the organisation, practicalities and last minute issues that invariably define these events. This may be a wedding, anniversary or special birthday – all of which have the potential to generate way too much tension for anyone’s good. Massage is the perfect antidote to keep tempers from fraying on the big day, to unwind and relax tense muscles.

Find a corporate/workplace massage practitioner in your area.

Thanks to Ricardo Llige from Totally Dedicated Massage for the source information contained in this article.

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