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A Career in Fitness

Last Updated Aug 21, 2020

Ever fancied an exciting and rewarding career as a fitness instructor, using your knowledge and skills to help people get fit and remain healthy? You may want a job that allows you the flexibility around the other commitments in your life, including family and personal obligations. 

Fitness training is a real growth industry that has seen gyms and health clubs sprout up everywhere, in conjunction with an explosion in outdoor fitness classes, often in a group context. Bearing the qualifications for the job you want to specialise in, it won't take you long to carve a niche for yourself.

Where do Fitness Instructors Work?

Most of them seek employment at a gym, some work in private practice, and others enjoy the flexibility of working in different places such as schools, sports clinics and retreat centres.

As a fitness trainer, you can work in any environment you choose. So while you're at school, envisage your future workplace and clients so you would know what qualifications to work on to get there.

What Qualifications are Required for Fitness Training?

First and foremost, your qualifications must be aligned with your goals. So if you're planning to work at a gym and guide people who go there with their exercise routine, and in the use of different gym equipment, you will need a Certificate III qualification for the job. This course covers a range of subjects including:

  • Screening clients for any potential health or medical conditions
  • Instructing exercise classes
  • Proper use and maintenance of a variety of fitness equipment
  • Principles of anatomy and physiology 
  • Nutritional information
  • Working effectively in sport, fitness and recreational environments
  • Identifying potential risks in exercise activities

However, if your goal is to provide individual training sessions with your clients and prescribe exercise programs tailored to their fitness levels and desired outcome, you need to complete the Certificate IV in Fitness. Completing the Certificate III training program is a prerequisite for admission to this advanced course. Here, you will learn the following:

  • Planning and recommending exercise programs for different age groups
  • The psychology involved in motivating clients
  • Choosing the right technology for sport, fitness and recreational programs
  • How to integrate proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle into a client's life  
  • Marketing and planning a small business

Taking personal training courses is also a possible study option for you, some of which are also available online.

Where Can You Undertake a Fitness Course?

Enrolling yourself in a nationally accredited course is central to your school selection so take the time to compare the items on your list. Besides accreditation, you also want a school that offers you the flexibility to study anytime and from anywhere. 

Among the schools in Australia that provide fitness training programs, Onfit Training College is by far the best as it offers a range of courses that are delivered online. Studying online allows you to fit your study time around your day-to-day priorities like your job, running the household or taking care of the kids, among others.

What's the Potential Career Outcome for Fitness Trainers?

Besides getting to work in fitness and sports centres among other places, your qualification also serves as an admission ticket to a professional association like Fitness Australia or Physical Activity Australia. Being a registered member allows you to secure insurance for your job and access advanced training programs to boost your credentials and win more clients.

With a Certificate IV qualification, you can also gain entry to the Diploma of Fitness and register as a specialised trainer. Upon completion of this course, you can go on and work alongside health professionals and medical practitioners.

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Originally published on Aug 14, 2020

FAQs About a Career in Fitness

Is fitness a good career?

The speedy growth of the fitness industry is what makes being a personal trainer or fitness instructor an excellent career choice. Apart from being able to help your clients stay fit, working as a PT allows you to work your way up to a higher position in the fitness world.

What are some fitness careers?

Fitness instructors aren't confined within the four walls of a gym. Some work as athletic trainers, occupational therapists, sports physiologists and physical therapists, among others.

What is the highest paying job in the fitness industry?

People who work in the fitness industry are earning good money, but it's the exercise physiologist whose income is higher up on the scale. On average, they earn $58,674 a year.

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