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Success comes to those who don't cease to innovate and provide something way better than their previous offerings. If you're a passionate yogi, you can surely resonate with this message. After all, yoga is about connecting with your higher self and core values and being one with the universe. All these can only be attained if you gave more of yourself, right?

So, in this guide, we show you five ways to step out of the mould of conventional yoga studios, to offer your clients more and take your business from functional to sensational.

1. Lead Yoga Sessions Online

It's as clear as day that the internet has long changed the way people do things, even their favourite activities like yoga. If they had their way, your clients would rather stretch, bend and perform asanas in front of their computers via Zoom than get stuck in traffic on the way to your studio. What's more, you'll be able to reach more people and grow your clientele by hosting online yoga sessions

2. Create YouTube Videos of Different Yoga Postures

Your body and mind couldn't possibly operate 24/7, but your business surely can. Uploading short videos of yourself demonstrating different yoga postures onto your YouTube channel will take your business to every nook and cranny of cyberspace, as well as create a new revenue stream. Both yoga enthusiasts and those eager to learn the practice will benefit loads from it.

3. Make Your Studio Visible Round the Clock

Your yoga studio may be closed by 8 p.m., but the Natural Therapy Pages never shuts down. Listing your business on this platform allows potential customers to check out your yoga studio at any time of the day—or night—and leave you a message. Additionally, you can ease your mind knowing that you have a great customer support team handling your listing page and all of the information that it needs to put out there.

4. Don't Disappear on Your Customers

Have you ever been ghosted before? It hurts, right? Don't make your clients experience it and feel bad lest they leave you for the competition. Always make them your top priority no matter what. Try your best to address their concerns, queries or suggestions on a timely basis.

5. Provide Something of Value

Remember when your studio was in its nascency, and you had the habit of collecting email addresses and sending cool stuff to people to entice them to drop by? It pays to stick to this habit to remain relevant in the lives of your clients. Sending them valuable content, whether it's a newsletter, a blog post or a pass to a free 15-minute yoga session if they brought a friend with them will maintain your presence in their minds and inbox.

Every day, a new business pops up which consumers will surely want to try out. But, this shouldn't worry you, especially if you've been responsible and kept your clients happy all this time. There's no need to go head to head with a new yoga studio because your loyal patrons will be more than happy to lead other yoga enthusiasts to your door.

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FAQs About Marketing a Yoga Business

Is it better to do yoga at home or in a class?

The majority of yoga enthusiasts find practising yoga in the comfort of their own homes more beneficial and cheaper than commuting to a yoga studio, getting stuck in traffic and looking for a parking slot.

How much yoga should a beginner do?

If you're new to yoga, practising easy postures once a week is a good way to start. Once you've familiarised yourself with all of the asanas, you can work out two or three times a week and start seeing visible results.

Should I join a yoga studio?

Signing up with a yoga studio will provide you with the guidance of a professional yoga practitioner who is highly trained in different yoga poses. If you're determined to practise yoga regularly to reap all of its benefits, then it makes total sense to join a yoga studio.

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