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Myotherapy vs. Remedial Massage

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Last Updated Aug 21, 2020

Do you get confused by the difference between all the various available physical therapies? Apparently, some modalities may appear to be similar in terms of the techniques being used and on the health conditions being treated. However, this is rarely the case if you  take your time in investigating them more thoroughly.

Myotherapy vs. Remedial Massage

In this matter, it should be clarified the difference between myotherapy and remedial massage. It is understandable to be confused given that both physical therapies treat various non-specific soft tissue pain and conditions.

The primary distinction between the two is that myotherapists use a much larger palette of tools. Myotherapists primarily focuses on trigger point therapy but may also make use of other techniques like dry needling, musculoskeletal alignment, cupping,  deep tissue massage, muscle stretching and various rehabilitative exercises. It is also interesting to note that the meaning of the prefix 'myo' in myotherapy is muscle - hence the name.

On the other hand, remedial massage therapists exclusively work with various manipulative techniques to heal and get rid of muscular tension and aid relaxation. Generally, the therapists only make use of their hands and, sometimes, they use oils and powders to aid their massages.

Myotherapy Practitioner Qualifications

However, there is a lot of common ground between the two massage therapies. To become a myotherapist, you must first qualify in giving remedial massage, typically through a Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practice or Diploma in Remedial Massage.

Diploma students can then choose for a specialization in myotherapy through the Advanced Diploma of Remedial Massage (Myotherapy).

In terms of qualifications for either type of massage therapist, any person who has completed a course from a Registered Training Organization (RTO) ensures they will be accredited by the relevant industry association. This also ensures that health funds will also recognise the therapist and process any rebates to be claimed – provided that they cover the modality in question.

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Originally published on May 09, 2019

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