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7 Ways to Market Your Health Coaching Business

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Last Updated Aug 21, 2020

Your health coaching business is all set up and ready to transform lives. Then you pause as you realise you don’t have anyone to coach yet since no one else besides your friends and family know of your business. Don’t fret because we have some useful tips down below that will get potential clients left, right and centre subscribing to your website before you know it.

From reaching out to your email list and making them offers to attending trade fairs and engaging with people who are masters of their craft, there are numerous ways to hit the ground running with your coaching business, so read on and gather all 7 of them.

1. Offer Something of Value

Creating an email list is the first step in creating a client base. But you couldn’t just tell people to opt in to your list and trust your services. You have to offer them a freebie or an incentive that will encourage them to join your list. It could be an eBook, video tutorial or a downloadable content which will add value to their lives. Once they see that you understand their needs and can definitely help them, they will join your email list in a flash.

2. Attend a Workshop

Taking part in expositions, forums or workshops for health coaches and other practitioners allows you to meet like-minded people and expand your professional network. You can gain new insights from people who have been doing health coaching for some time now. In addition to this, you can share your pain points with them and receive reliable advice.

3. Share Your Services on Free Content

Create valuable content that is FREE of charge. You want to introduce your business to your potential clients, so it’s very important that you give them easy access to the information that they need whether through a podcast, blog post, email campaign or other marketing channels. Explain what health coaching is all about and why it’s crucial to their life. Plus, it’s absolutely vital that you roll out fresh content regularly, otherwise they might think you’re just a charlatan.

4. Interact With Them on Social Media

Social media is pivotal to the success of your business because practically everybody is on it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What’s more, certain platforms like Facebook can instantly connect you with potential clients. Join an FB group that is relevant to your field and provide helpful advice. Or you can host a live stream regarding people’s lifestyle, eating habits, physical activities or other areas of their lives. You’ll be surprised at how fast everyone can dish out their opinions.

5. Be Clear and Precise

Do not generalise your offerings but instead state point-blank on your website how you can help them improve their health. If you specialise in the treatment of chronic conditions like stress, diabetes and eczema, let them know from the outset. This way, they know exactly what to expect from you. 

6. Create Meaningful Partnerships

Working with other natural healthcare practitioners and combining your services with theirs will give potential clients more reason to trust you and your business. For them, you’re not out to rip them off, but to actually help them improve their lives.

7. Engage People in a Heart-to-Heart Talk

You are a health coach because you’re passionate about helping people. Highlight this genuine aspect of your personality by holding small-group conversations with people who are going through difficult times, whether online or off-line. Your ability to listen to them and guide them in working out their issues will surely win you their trust and confidence.

Drawing potential clients to your new health coaching business may take time, patience and a lot of effort. But with these 7 marketing tactics, it won’t take long before you achieve your ultimate goal.

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Originally published on Jun 03, 2020

FAQs About Health Coaching Businesses

How do I market my health coaching business?

Craft a message that is targeted towards your market niche so that you don’t end up emailing people who have no interest in your business at all. Additionally, offer something of value to potential customers so that they will want to hear more about your business.

How do health coaches get clients?

Successful health coaches find time to interact with their clients face-to-face. They also provide freebies or incentives that add value to the life of their customer.

How do I market my online coaching?

Make sure that the message on your website resonates with the needs of your clients. Once you have set up a website, create valuable content like blog posts, podcasts and live streaming videos to draw more eyeballs to it. 

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