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Natural Therapy Business Fitout: Setting Up Your Clinic

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Last Updated Mar 08, 2022

Natural Therapy Business Fitout: Setting Up Your Clinic

Finding the appropriate commercial space for your natural therapy business is fantastic, but there is still a lot of work to be done to give it a stunning fitout. Having a clinic or office fit to accommodate your clients and for conducting treatment procedures, such as massage therapy, chiropractic care or acupuncture, will create a relaxing, inviting environment that encourages people to come back again and again. Read on to understand why your business development strategy should include a fit-out design.

What is a Fitout?

An office space, with nothing except a couple of chairs and a desk, is like a blank canvas. As a health professional, you want your private practice to have a fitout design that is suitable for your occupation. An ultrasound machine, an examination table, and weighing scales, for example, are all required in a medical practice fitout for an ob-gyn. To ensure the patient's privacy and comfort, all of this equipment necessitates a dedicated space in the office.

A fitout is essentially all of the furniture, equipment and rooms that go into your office space. Every aspect of the place needs to be considered when setting up your fitout. If not, there are high chances that your office or clinic will look cluttered or unorganised, which can have unpleasant effects on patient experience.

All medical practitioners, natural therapists, and those who provide allied health services, such as an occupational therapist, must work out a fitout design in accordance to the types of treatment services they provide. Doing this will eliminate unnecessary furniture and make space for the equipment that one needs for their daily routine.

Some of the benefits of a medical practice fitout include increased productivity from staff members being more comfortable in their environment. This results in more work being done, high morale from employees and a good impression on customers who visit the office.

What Should You Consider When Setting up Your Clinic?

Natural health practitioners, especially those who specialise in a wide range of modalities, should carefully plan their office fitout to guarantee client and employee satisfaction. The design plan should contain the electrical services, lighting, flooring, furnishings, hygiene requirements, and everything else that will make up their office.

Choosing the ideal location for your clinic, conducting in-depth research to find out what your potential clients need, and working with an experienced fit-out company are all important factors in attaining success, whether you run a massage therapy business, specialise in energy healing or work in the beauty therapy industry.

Other factors that should be taken into consideration when setting up each room in your clinic include:

Patient flow 

If you are expecting multiple clients to visit every day, you want to ensure that you have enough space to accommodate them. The size of the reception area should encourage fluid movement without overcrowding spaces. At the same time, it should be inviting and promote patient trust. You should also consider the needs of people with disabilities, such as a wheelchair ramp near the entrance.

Bathrooms or dressing rooms

If your appointments typically take more than an hour, your clients will need access to a bathroom. They may also need to go to a changing room if a treatment procedure requires them to undress. Make sure to have a spacious design for these areas to avoid crowding or increased waiting time

Parking and drop-off zones

If you expect a lot of your clients to arrive by car, what provisions will need to be made for them? You must have a designated parking or drop-off zone to prevent holding them up from their appointment.

Treatment rooms

Treatment rooms may vary depending on what health issues you focus on and what modalities you specialise in. Each room should contain the necessary equipment and furniture to support your treatments.

A staff room

A staff room should be practical with storage options built in where possible. In terms of equipment, each item should be easily accessible when needed by other staff members. It should also include amenities such as toilet paper, couches, coffee tables, etc.

Developing a fit-out project will ensure that you are able to provide the best experience for your clients every time. However, it will take time and money, so you want to make sure that all the components you choose are those that will benefit your natural therapy business the most. When planning an office fitout, it is important to consider what might enhance your work environment or what would represent your business the best.

Originally published on Feb 07, 2022

FAQs About Clinics & Fitouts

How do I set up my own clinic?

The first step in starting a natural therapy clinic is to create a business plan. It includes information about the services you'll offer, the kind of furnishings you'll need in your clinic, your marketing strategy, and a construction plan for the fitout, among other things.

How can I improve my clinic business?

A successful clinical practice requires a strong online presence. It will increase the number of people who visit your clinic, increase patient trust and decrease the number of missed appointments.

How do you create a small clinic?

Keeping an organised space that is clutter-free and equipped with the appropriate equipment, despite its small size, will make it easier for patients to understand what you specialise in. Adding plants and signage pointing people to the waiting area, bathroom and treatment room is also recommended.

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