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All You Need to Know About the Subconscious Mind

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Sep 13, 2021

All You Need to Know About the Subconscious Mind

There is a logical reason why your head is above your body. The head houses the brain, which contains the most powerful weapon the universe can ever offer you — the human mind. It is divided into three levels of awareness: conscious mind, subconscious mind and unconscious mind. Everything stored in your subconscious mind affects your thoughts, actions, feelings and behaviour, and pretty much contributes to your success in life or weighs heavily on it. Here, you're going to find out more about your subconscious mind and how to train it to work for you rather than against you. 

What is the Subconscious Mind?

Your subconscious mind serves as a data storage system for all the information that is not present in your conscious mind. Your beliefs and memories are all stored here, as well as every action, thought and experience you've had. The information it contains is crucial as it influences your emotional response to external stimuli besides your pattern of thoughts and behaviour. Repeated exposure to events or circumstances that are similar to those you've experienced in the past reinforces your set of beliefs, thoughts and ideas, and ingrains these in your system.

Whilst your conscious mind is responsible for experiences and mental processes you are aware of, or which take place within your focal awareness, the subconscious mind works on subliminal information processing. Simply put, when you're cooking or sending out an email, your conscious mind is at work. Conversely, being overly protective of your child, engaging in negative self-talk, or having an intense fear of crowded places is dictated not by your conscious mind, but subconscious mind. Memories from past events cached in the latter work as subliminal stimuli, triggering you to think, feel or behave a certain way when you're exposed to an event or circumstance similar to what you've had in the past.

The unconscious mind is the deepest layer that holds thoughts, concepts and memories that we are not aware of. It is often confused with the subconscious mind but should not be, as it has a distinct feature. According to Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic theory, our unconscious processes stem from repressed thoughts, feelings and desires that may not necessarily be moulded by personal experience. Our collective unconsciousness, according to the definition of psychoanalyst Carl Jung, is a region in the mind that stores information inherited from our ancestors and which is shared by us all.

How Can Your Subconscious Mind Help You Achieve What You Want?

Although it's not put to use during conscious awareness, the subconscious mind contributes to all of our cognitive processes and actions. In fact, stimulating it leads to a healthy mind, body and spirit as it promotes positive thoughts, emotions and habits. Here below are some helpful ways to activate your subconscious mind to improve your health and overall wellbeing.

Connect With Your Core Self

Include meditation techniques in your daily workout routine. For a few minutes every day, take a moment to sit comfortably in a quiet place and close your eyes. Then, practise breathing in and out to clear your mind of all thoughts. This is a great way to boost mental processing and avoid the tendency to be negative.

Engage in Positive Self-Talk 

Nothing can be more harmful to your subconscious mind than feeding it with painful words. Practise self-empowerment and boost your happiness by talking to yourself positively. This is a powerful technique that you would want to do as often as you can to get closer to your goals.

Use Art Therapy

The arts, such as painting, drawing, dancing and clay sculpting have the power to control our subconscious minds. It does not matter if you're an artist or not; all you need to do is enjoy it!

Calm Your Mind With Music

Music is like art. This is precisely why they belong to one category. Taking music therapy is a great way to induce the alpha brainwave and make the subconscious mind more receptive and alert.   

Talk to an Expert

The human mind is like a labyrinth where getting lost is painfully easy. However, this should not be the case. A health professional who specialises in cognitive psychology or hypnotherapy can help you gain a better understanding of the workings of the subconscious mind and utilise it to see yourself and others from a positive perspective.

There's no better time to hone the power of your subconscious mind than now. A qualified health practitioner in your local area can help you out. You can get in touch with one through the Natural Therapy Pages.

FAQs About the Subconscious Mind

How do you communicate with your subconscious mind?

Using affirmation methods can assist you in communicating with your subconscious mind to achieve your life goals. Make sure your affirmations state success and wealth. Using pre-recorded affirmations, making your own personal affirmations or writing them down can all work.

Can the subconscious mind predict the future?

Studies show that the mind has the power to predict the future. In fact, researchers have found that the brain makes decisions using information from the unconscious mind. Consciousness is only produced by the brain when implicit expectations fail to materialize, according to the theory of the predictive mind.

Are dreams your subconscious?

It is believed that dreams manifest what you hold in your subconscious state. Sleep is a means for your subconscious to communicate with your waking consciousness. When things don't go smoothly in real life, your subconscious mind tries to play them out in your dreams the way you'd like them to be.

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