Looking for a new career in Complementary Medicine?

Last Updated Jul 15, 2020

Looking for a comprehensive natural therapies training that enables you to practise after two years? Wanting to utilise key aspects of both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Naturopathy? Wanting to work with the driving force of the mind, not just the biochemistry of the body? There are many specialist courses in natural medicine but none address the need for a course that integrates all the major elements of wellness.

Humans are multidimensional so our treatments should be too. Integrating – so that the client can be addressed holistically and empowered to maximise their potential.

Integrative Complementary Medicine offered by the College of Complementary Medicine provides comprehensive career training through its broad range of complementary medicine courses that unlock the secrets of wellness using key areas of natural medicine, integrated into one very effective package. It addresses each aspect of the health of the individual: the mind through counselling; the physical body through massage, aromatherapy, and kinesiology; and the biochemistry through nutrition.

All these areas are linked through our unique constitutional model, which is based on ancient Chinese principles. This model maps how each of these aspects interacts with the other – enabling the practitioner to understand how certain headaches are caused by certain psychologies and certain diets. Understanding links provides tremendous advantages for clients – it enables them to feel empowered to achieve better health and wellness outcomes.

Students taking the Advanced Diploma of Integrative Complementary Medicine find this system completely life changing. They come out with a completely different understanding of themselves and their health. It helps them deepen their relationship with the core self and values, and encourages them to bring out their unique capabilities in working with others. It is literally life enhancing.

What Can I Do at the End of the Course?

ICM’s mind body medicine courses give students lots of hands-on experience in applying skills to clients. Western medicine science and research are combined with complementary medicine insights and applied to case studies in the major areas of practice. The result is a confident and well experienced graduate who can address a wide range of conditions, helping clients to reach better health and wellness outcomes.

Graduates can become fellows of STNR and obtain a TGA schedule A exemption – enabling them to offer nutrients to clients.

What Would an Average Session Look Like?

An ICM practitioner assesses a client using Chinese Medicine, Nutrition and Mind Body Medicine principles. Their understanding of nutritional biochemistry underpins their food therapy and nutritional supplementation. Their training in mind body medicine allows them to help the client to understand the lifestyle and psychological factors that are driving their condition. Acupressure, massage, counselling and mind body medicine techniques are then used to cement changes.

Additional Qualifications

An ICM student completing the Advanced Diploma has the option to graduate with a Diploma of Mind Body Medicine by completing one extra subject. In that way, they can begin to work in a clinic after their first year of study, enabling them to earn money while they complete their Advanced Diploma. Graduates have traditionally used the Advanced Diploma to gain advanced standing towards university degree and masters programs in complementary medicine, acupuncture and Chinese Medicine herbs.

Career Outcomes

ICM is for the all-rounders; people wanting to integrate physical health solutions like Chinese Medicine, nutrition and massage with psychological ones like counselling and mind body medicine. It creates well rounded practitioners that can offer a fully integrated set of solutions for clients.

Studying integrated complementary medicine takes students on a transformational journey, helping them discover more about themselves, their place in the world around them and how they can understand others and work with them to reignite their own wellbeing. This comprehensive course will provide a powerful set of tools to support a well - balanced clinic and successful career going forward.

A Unique Learning Experience

Everyone regardless of their location can take advantage of ICM’s robust online platform to study mind body medicine at their convenience. Our advanced learning system allows students and teachers to interact seamlessly and even perform practice sessions, making it seem as though they are in a classroom setting rather than virtual space.

Aside from flexibility, online learning develops students’ competence in providing distance consultations. Mastery of which will, no doubt, expand their client base in no time and open doors to success.

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Originally published on Nov 13, 2014

FAQs About a Career in Complementary Medicine

What are complementary medicines?

Complementary medicines are used as an adjunct to conventional medicine to support if not speed up recovery from an illness. These consist of natural remedies like homeopathy, herbal medicine and essential oils, just to name a few.

What are the benefits of complementary medicine?

Complementary medicine covers a wide range of modalities that help reduce stress, which is believed to be the root cause of various physical conditions. Several practitioners and researchers of modern medicine have expressed interest in gaining more insight into the power of positive thoughts and emotions to quell health disorders.

What is a complementary medicine degree?

Naturopathic doctors, herbalists, hypnotherapists and acupuncturists are among many alternative healthcare practitioners in the world who have completed a complementary medicine degree.

A complementary medicine program provides you with the qualifications you need in a specific modality which focuses on strengthening the body's natural healing ability to achieve optimal health.

How do I become an complementary medicine doctor?

In order to become a complementary medicine doctor, you have to first complete a bachelor's degree, preferably in health sciences, which covers a coursework in chemistry, biology, physics, maths and English. Then you have to take a graduate-level course in the field that you wish to specialise in.

Once you have completed medical school, you have to undergo internship or training under the supervision of a professional doctor in the field of your choice. After having met the required number of training hours, you have to take and pass the mandatory board exam to obtain your license.

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