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DPP Part 24: Learn how to make clients remember your business forever

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Last Updated Mar 08, 2022

DPP Part 24: Learn how to make clients remember your business forever

I hope you are doing well! Today I want to talk to you about branding for your business. Branding involves developing a feel and persona that creates a perception of who you are to potential clients. It's often the first thing people remember about your business.

So why is branding so important?

  • It makes a memorable impression on clients
  • It gives potential clients an idea of what you're about
  • It helps you to distinguish your company from competitors
  • It represents who you are as a business
  • It can generate new customers/clients
  • It helps people recognise your business

Basic steps to start developing your branding

1. Research your target audience

Understanding your audience is key to creating a brand identity that not only aligns with your business but also with your clients. Start to research your target audience and what brands they relate to and ask yourself: Who are my competitors? What look and feel do my clients align with? How do I want my clients to feel when they see my brand? What do I want them to remember about my business?

2. Get clear on your business' personality and values

It's so important to become clear on your brand's values, goals and personality. Determining your brand's mission, values and unique value proposition is key to your brand development. This will help you to get your messaging right and mean you are targeting the right audience.

How to create the perfect brand for your business

3. Decide on the aesthetics of your brand

Now you are clear on your audience and what you stand for, creating your visual identity should come more naturally. Things to consider include your typography/font, colour choice and logo. It's important these are uniform across all your business channels - your website, emails, social media, signage etc.

Remember, your visual identity should flow from your business personality. What colours and fonts align with the style of your business? As well as this, think about the legibility of text and whether your message is clear.

Feel free to research well-known brands and find inspiration to create your own unique visual aesthetic. 

4. Apply branding across your business

Ensuring your branding is cohesive across your business means your audience is clear on who you are and what you stand for. Make sure your audience knows your mission statement and your values, and that these are reflected in your content and visuals.

5. Don't be afraid to evolve your brand

While many of you may be starting fresh, there are some of you with well-established businesses. This doesn't mean you never have to think about branding ever again! Your business needs to remain relevant with the changing times, and so does your branding. Don't be afraid to do a brand refresh and continue your brand evolve as your business grows.

Key Takeaways

Cohesive branding is key to creating an excellent first impression and to remain memorable to clients. It's your chance to show the world what your business stands for and your unique value proposition. Remember, branding is more than visuals, it's about your messaging and how clients perceive you.

Originally published on Oct 06, 2021

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