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A Well Balanced Diabetic Diet

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Last Updated Aug 24, 2020

If you have diabetes, eating a well balance meal is essential.

Eating a well balanced diet from all the food groups is important if you have type 2 diabetes.  The food groups include healthy fats, grains, lean meat, fish, poultry, fruits, vegetables and some dairy.

When it comes to diabetes, no food is off limits.  This means food that is real food and supply you with all the nutrients you need for a healthy well being should be the preferred choice.  Treats are allowed, however, it should be remembered that these are treats and not everyday foods.  Your body weight, daily activities and medications all need to be taken into account.

Best and Worst Foods for Diabetes

Fibre helps to slow down digestion therefore preventing blood sugar spikes.  Great fibre foods are legumes, nuts, seeds, oats, fruit and vegetables (with their skin on).

Foods high in sugar causes the blood sugar level to spike and become imbalanced.  They can also bring about fatigue and mood swings.

Health food choices

Lean beef and black beans enchilada with avocado and salsa sauce is a delicious Mexican meal that comprises of all the right nutrients important for a healthy wellbeing.  The fibre in the beans can help to slow digestion therefore balancing blood sugar levels and can help to lower cholesterol.  For extra vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants, go heavy on the veggies.  Slow down with the cheese!

When you have diabetes, lunch is central to ensuring that the blood sugar levels have every chance of being balanced.  Don’t grab for any sandwich on the go.  Think about what would be the healthiest and what would fill you up!  A tuna salad with all the vegetables dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and a wholemeal roll on the side is a good choice.

Another good choice for lunch is a turkey sandwich on wholemeal bread packed with veggies.  Make it a lunch combo with fruit salad for dessert.  A banana is also a great choice for dessert as the high potassium content helps to lower blood pressure.

Originally published on Feb 05, 2015

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