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Lessons in Starting a Natural Therapies Business

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Last Updated Aug 21, 2020

You want to start your own natural therapies business. Why should you study business, management and marketing? There are several good reasons why courses in business, management and marketing can be good for your career. While you have a passion for natural therapies, to be successful, you need to study business courses.

A TAFE course may be all you need

You don't have to attend a university to study business. TAFE courses can teach you all you need to know. TAFE courses can teach you all you need to know to start a business in natural therapies. Some courses are taught at night, so you can study business and start your career in natural therapies at the same time. What can TAFE courses teach you?

  • Certificate III in micro business
  • Certificate IV in small business
  • Diploma in business
  • Advanced diploma in business
  • How to manage your own small business

These courses may be all you need to get your business off the ground. They are important because running a business is not the same as knowing natural therapies. You need to know how to do accounting, legal requirements and how to manage employees. A business management course may be all you need to get started on the right track. It may be all you need to know how to run a business and make your natural therapies business grow.

Why study business?

There are many good reasons to study business. As a natural therapist, you need to know how businesses work to make your practice succeed. An accounting course can help you keep your finances in order and help you study your cash flow.

Business, Management and Marketing

If you want to work for someone else, a business management course may help you secure the job. Knowing natural therapies is not enough to run a business and an employer will be impressed that you took the time to study business management.

Knowing business practices will help you run your business successfully. Knowing natural therapies is a great way to start and natural therapies are booming in Australia and around the world as people discover the benefits of natural therapies. Natural therapies include:

  • Herbs as natural healers
  • Certain types of fruit have benefits and natural fruit juice can be good for health
  • Nutrition is an important part of natural therapies. Natural therapies can help improve nutrition and stay away from processed foods which may have no nutritional value
  • Acupuncture or acupressure can help relieve stress and have other benefits as well
  • Australians tend to be obese. Natural therapy can teach them how to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle
  • Exercise is important, but what type of exercise is needed for individuals?

Why you might want to make a website

Any business that is just starting out may not attract the customers needed to succeed. Today, people look online for websites for businesses. When they see your business, you could attract clients from further away from your place of business. A good website will have information about the business and give directions to the place of business. Having a phone number on the site will make people call you and ask more questions.

A good website will have information and photos of your place of business. It may also have photos of you with clients or photos of natural therapies practices. Information is essential, but try to keep the information brief. If you want to start a blog, the information can be more detailed.

Why hire more natural therapies practitioners?

You may also want to hire more natural therapies practitioners. Some of them may be:

You could hire them to come in at all hours, but a better idea might be to have them available for clients. They can come in when clients make an appointment and that will save you the money needed to give them a salary. You could work out a payment schedule for them, but be sure to give yourself some of the payment to keep your business afloat.

Starting a health and wellness business

Starting a natural therapies practice is a great idea, but you need the business acumen to keep it afloat. Start your business slowly and add practitioners as you need them. A website is a good way to get your business off the ground and knowing how to run a business is a great way to start a natural therapies business.

After you set up your natural therapy practice, you might also want to add your profile to our natural health directory.

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Originally published on Jan 16, 2019

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