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Biomesotherapy & Sports Injuries

Last Updated Sep 08, 2020

Pain tells the body that a problem needs to be addressed. Taking pain relievers in response to this message suppresses the symptoms and makes you think you're okay when in truth, the problem still lingers and gets worse each day. To alleviate pain in the most natural way, without stuffing your body with synthetic medications, biomesotherapy is the way to go.

Biomesotherapy is a holistic, painless approach to treating pain and other conditions. It's grounded in the concept of energetic healing, combining the principles of Chinese acupuncture and homeopathy, to treat imbalances that affect the flow of Qi so that all body systems can function properly.

What is Biomesotherapy?

Although relatively new in Australia, biomesotherapy has been practised in Europe for so many years, specifically in Germany where it started in the 1950s. This modality focuses on treating the acupuncture points, or trigger points, on the body using homeopathic medicine to eliminate pain.

A qualified practitioner of biomesotherapy may address the acupuncture points or the trigger points, which are tender spots on the body, especially for the treatment of musculoskeletal problems. 

The treatment involves oral administration of homeopathic medicine and injecting of a sterile saline solution into the trigger points using a very fine acupuncture needle that's loaded in an applicator called Inject Ease. If the health issue concerns an internal organ, the practitioner will inject the solution into specific acupuncture points that correspond to those organs in question.

It's worth noting that this process won't numb the body to pain, but instead, activate its natural ability to heal on its own. More often than not, positive results come about in just a few minutes after the treatment.

What are the Benefits of Biomesotherapy?

Biomesotherapy produces results extremely fast. It's popular among people who suffer from musculoskeletal issues as it can quickly relieve muscle tension, back and neck pain, as well as a range of other conditions, including:

How Can Biomesotherapy Help With Sports Injuries?

It's common for people involved in sports to suffer from muscular pain and tissue damage due to injuries. Biomesotherapy is a popular treatment for these issues, especially among sports enthusiasts who aren't reliant on painkillers.

A muscle pain indicates an energy blockage, so injecting the affected area with a sterile saline solution eliminates the blockage and restores strength and mobility.

While migraines and sore throats could easily go away after a biomesotherapy treatment, a serious muscle or nerve injury resulting from a sports activity may require three or four treatment sessions for it to heal completely.

The combination of homeopathy medicine, which consists of pure, unadulterated ingredients, and the power of acupuncture in biomesotherapy, is what makes it an effective modality for treating the source of pain and reviving the healing qualities of the body which are inherent to it. To check out if it can help you, find a qualified Biomesotherapist in your area today.

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Originally published on Aug 31, 2020

FAQs About Biomesotherapy & Sports Injuries

How does biomesotherapy work?

Biomesotherapy combines homeopathic medicine and acupuncture to stimulate the body's natural healing abilities and bring balance and harmony back to all of its systems. A sterile saline solution is injected into specific acupuncture points, or trigger points, on the body to eliminate all energy blockages causing pain.

Why use biomesotherapy?

Biomesotherapy addresses the source of the pain, not just its symptoms. By doing so, it not only removes pain but allows the body to heal naturally.

Does biomesotherapy hurt?

Biomesotherapy is a painless procedure as it employs very fine needles. What's more, the syringe is loaded in an opaque applicator called Inject-Ease, so you don't see the needle at all.

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