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Make Time to FebFast for Disadvantaged Youth

Jan 14, 2021

Make Time to FebFast for Disadvantaged Youth

Too much of everything is bad for your mind, body and spirit, especially alcohol and sugar. Now that the holidays have passed, cutting back on these unhealthy substances for the whole month of February will not only get you back on the path of health and wellness, but it will also improve the lives of disadvantaged youth in Australia.

If you're in for the challenge, join FebFast, a month-long charity event which encourages participants to abstain from alcohol, smoking, sweets and junk food, among other unhealthy stuff, to raise funds that will give young, underprivileged people the opportunity to create the life they so deserve.

What is FebFast?

FebFast is an annual fundraising event that aims to improve the lives of children in marginalised communities. Everybody must have access to food, education, a safe home and a good life all in all, regardless of their social status. Unfortunately, this is not the case. 

Many young people in the country resort to alcohol and drug addiction as they lack the education and support to lead better, healthier lives. There are even days that some kids don't get to eat a decent meal due to financial constraints. As people walk past them, they could only wish no end for the skills and knowledge others have so that they, too, can achieve their dreams. 

Through FebFast, you can work alongside various organisations in Australia that support children who are deprived of proper care and education. Your participation will help reduce the incidence of depression, alcohol dependence and drug abuse among young people.

What Are the Benefits of Joining FebFast?

Alcohol abstinence may sound like a real challenge, but what's a month without it compared to the new life which you can provide every disadvantaged child? The money you raise will be used to rehabilitate those who are alcohol or drug dependent. It will also help them obtain counselling, which is key to overcoming trauma, abuse or other mental issues. Most importantly, they'll be able to find decent homes and get an education, which will eventually lead them to sustainable jobs.

Your participation in FebFast will also benefit you health-wise as it guarantees the following:

  • Higher energy levels
  • Weight loss
  • A liver free of toxins
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Reduced risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Reduced risk of heart disease
  • Better quality of sleep
  • Increased focus and concentration

Quitting alcohol

How Can You Join FebFast?

Once you're all set to take part in this year's FebFast, register for free on the fundraising program's official website. You have the option to raise funds on your own through the fundraising page that will be created for you upon completion of your registration, or you may join an existing FebFast team.

And to make cutting back on alcohol and all that bad stuff achievable, if not effortless, see to it that you engage your family and friends. Agree on substituting your drinking sessions with something more fun and fulfilling. You can host a workout session or a brain training game like scrabble. Without alcohol and sugar running in your bloodstream, you will realise how faster your mind and body can work.

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FAQs About FebFast

Is there a registration fee?

No, FebFast is free for all to join. Once you sign up, you have the option to donate before beginning your fundraising.

Does giving up alcohol for a month really help?

Yes, taking a break from alcohol for one month will help you assess your drinking habits, like how much you drink and how it affects your health. Although you may go back to the habit, abstaining from alcohol for a month is a sign that you're capable of quitting.

What if I don't drink but I still want to participate?

You're welcome to join FebFast even if you don't drink. The only requirement is to abstain from something you're hooked on for one whole month, whether it's coffee, sweets, social media, cigarettes, etc.

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