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DPP Part 8: Why you should use videos

DPP Part 8: Why you should use videos

Video is a diverse and engaging content format that is easy to share across multiple platforms. People love to watch videos as they are easy to digest, and can be entertaining and engaging. More importantly, it's an effective way to build trust by showcasing your personality and expertise. This could be through a video that explains your modality or technique, a demonstration video of your technique, or an interview with another expert or client. 

The numbers speak for themselves

  • Video accounts for around 80% of all internet traffic
  • Over 1 billion people use YouTube (⅓ of all internet users!)
  • Simply mentioning the word 'video' in an email subject line, the click-through rate increased by 13%.
  • Viewers retain 95% of a message in a video compared to 10% when reading text

How video marketing can improve your business

1. Build trust 

As I've said before, trust is incredibly important in our industry. Video is a powerful tool that allows you to connect with clients on a more emotional and personal level. Improving this bond will increase the likelihood of gaining a new client, or maintaining a steady stream of return clients

Through videos such as explainers and demonstrations, viewers can see first-hand that you are a professional in your modality. Viewers who are unsure of what your modality entails will be impressed by your knowledge, and hopefully want to learn more. 

2. Improves Google rank or SEO 

To put it simply - Google loves video. A website is 53 times more likely to reach the front page of Google if it includes video. This is because video is the best type of content that engages visitors — therefore they are more likely to stay on your site. 

3. Showcases your unique value proposition (UVP) 

No matter the type of video, you're showing the audience who you are and why they should see you. Here, you have an opportunity to show why people should come to you and what sets you apart. 

4. Increases engagement 

Social media video generates 12 times more engagement than text and images combined. This means people sharing, liking and commenting on your video, increasing the reach it has. More people will then learn about you and your practice!

What kind of videos should you create? 

1. Explainers 

Here is your opportunity to both show your expertise and teach others about your modalities. Some people may be unaware of the benefits of, say, kinesiology. Some may even be sceptical about certain natural health modalities. In your video, you can clearly explain your technique, clarify uncertainties, and answer any questions. This could be as simple as you filming yourself on your phone while at your practice, or getting more creative with graphics.

2. Demonstrations 

Give viewers a taste of what you do! If possible, enlist the help of a friend to demonstrate a technique - this is a great way to show potential clients what they might expect in a session with you. This may help them decide whether they want to book an appointment.

3. Tips and tutorials 

You can again show your expertise by providing health tips related to your modality. Did you know that "how-to" searches on YouTube have increased by about 70% year-on-year? People love videos that are informative and easy to follow. This could be in the form of a demonstration or explanation, with the help of other experts in complementary modalities

4. Live videos 

In our last edition, we talked extensively about the power of going live on Facebook. You can try interviews, Q&A, health tips, and a lot more through live streaming. If you haven't already, check out part 7 to learn more about going live.

Tips for creating effective videos

Before creating a video, you'll need to ask yourself a few questions: 

  • Who is the video for?
  • Where are you posting it?
  • How long will it be? 

Most smartphone cameras are high quality and allow you to make quick and easy videos to post. 50% of videos are watched on a mobile device, so you need to make sure your videos are mobile friendly.

The following simple tips will help your video stand out and increase the likelihood of someone stopping on their social media feed to watch the full video.

  • Subtitles: As many people watch videos without sound, subtitles make for more engaging videos. This also makes it easier to follow.
  • Length: On social media, people consume content quickly. In other words, the attention span of the average user is not very high! Studies show the optimal lengths range from 60 seconds on Instagram to 2 minutes on Facebook and YouTube.
  • The thumbnail: Thumbnails (the still image on the video before it plays) will help entice people to press play and watch - it should also give insight into what the video will be. So, it's important to use big, bright and clear fonts or imagery that catches the eye.

Check out popular YouTube channels on the topic of health and wellness to gain inspiration - note which videos have the most views and try to create similar themed content to get started. 

Most importantly - have fun with it! Viewers will notice your energy and excitement for what you do, and this will increase your emotional appeal. 

At this time of year, people are more open to trying new things and improving their health. This is a great opportunity for you to increase your marketing efforts, without compromising your values, and be able to help more people.

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