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5 Healthy Ways to Spend Your Christmas Break

Health Tips
Dec 21, 2020

Finally! You get a week (or so) away from deadlines and other things on your kilometric to-do list as Santa parks and alights from his sleigh with his bag of presents. Thanks to your much-needed Christmas break, you get the chance to sleep in, spend hours in front of the TV and play Among Us no end 'til you corner the impostor. Or, better yet, why not engage in activities which not only promote a healthy mind and body but also strengthen relationships?

Here, below, we list five ways you can enjoy your Christmas break while maintaining a sound mind, body and spirit. Whether you do them alone or with family and friends, you'll surely reap a higher level of joy and satisfaction from these activities.

1. Reconnect With Yourself

It's so easy to put your needs aside when you're preoccupied with matters regarded as top priority, such as school, work and the needs of others. As you take your Christmas break, make time to reconnect with your inner self. This will help in unloading the stress which has bogged you down in recent months. It can also help you gain clarity about what you really want to get out of your life.

No matter how busy you get in the days leading up to Christmas, find some time to seclude yourself in your bedroom or garden for about half an hour. Use this time to meditate or do yoga or breathing techniques, to silence the nagging voice in your head and boost your energy levels.

2. Play Board Games

Did you know that fiddling nonstop with electronic devices can lead to technology overload and compromise your cognitive skills? Since it's Christmas, put down your phone and challenge your mental prowess by doing something creative and fun.

Invite some happy noise inside your house by daring your family members to beat you in Scrabble, Monopoly, chess or other timeless board games that you grew up with. As well as testing the powers of your mind, these traditional toys will tighten your bond with your family. 

3. Rekindle Old Friendships

When was the last time you spoke with your best friend from fifth grade? If you couldn't remember, don't worry because you're not alone. Life has a way of separating people who complement each other perfectly. All it has to do is throw them a bag of priorities labelled "URGENT" to get them going. 

But, being apart from friends mustn't lead to forgetting them. When you're less busy with your day-to-day commitments, reach out to the people whom you have shared a larger part of your life with. Catch up with each other over afternoon tea or through a video conferencing platform. This is more than enough to let each other know that nothing has changed. 

4. Share Christmas With Others

The spirit of Christmas doesn't come from material gifts. It comes from making others feel good. Whether it's by participating in a fundraiser, cooking a healthy casserole for an elderly neighbour, or stopping to greet the guard, who opens the door for you every day, "Merry Christmas!", you can make the occasion memorable for others. In doing so, you improve your emotional health because you're enveloped in happiness and optimism. 

5. Pamper Your Soul and Body

Studying natural therapies has surely instilled in you the importance of nourishing your mind, body and spirit for enriching your life. When your positive mindset and aura manifest through a healthy body, you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.

That said, it's important to set away some time during your Christmas break to improve all aspects of your health. Work out, get a massage, or soak in a relaxing bath fused with essential oils to feel better. There are endless ways to stay healthy, just hit the pause button so that you can think and decide.

Christmas is one of the most festive occasions we all look forward to each year as it allows us to reunite with the people we love and do what we hardly have time for on other days. Spending your Christmas break doing these five activities is key to polishing up on healthy habits that will help you become a better person and healer.

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FAQs About Spending the Holidays Wisely

How can students spend their holidays wisely?

Christmas break equates to relaxation and spending time with family and friends. Students can also benefit from exercising daily to stay fit and avoid conditions linked to inactivity. Taking a short online course during one's Christmas break is also beneficial, especially if it's relevant to their field of study.

What can I study in my free time?

There are many and varied things you can take up during your Christmas break. You can test out your cooking skills, start writing a book, sign up for an online course, or volunteer for a community health project.

How can I enjoy Christmas break?

The best way to enjoy your Christmas break is doing what makes you happy. Whether it's catching up with family and friends, baking for the first time or repainting your room, see to it that the activity gives you a sense of fulfilment and joy.

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