5 Essential Spring Gardening Tips

Vegetarian Diet
Oct 16, 2019
Vegetarian Diet

Spring is here, the sun is shining and the birds are out.  It's time to bring back your garden from the cold and miserable winter weather. So, pull out the gardening tools and use these tips and get your green garden back.

Clean out the garden

The first step to cleaning out your garden is removing all the debris (leaves, leftover snow, weeds etc.)

When removing the weeds, make sure you get the roots, this will make sure they don't grow back.

Revitalize the soil

After a hard winter, your soil will need extra tender care.  No doubt it is dried out and in need for moisture. It is a good idea to add organic materials like compost or manure.  You might also need to add a natural fertilizer to increase the health of the soil and increase the life of your plants.

Trim old plants

Pruning of your plants that survived the winter is essential so that they can grow anew in the spring. Blooming plants should be pruned right after they bloom to avoid cutting off future flowers. Summer plants should be pruned in early spring.

Add mulch

One to three inches of mulch helps to prevent weeds and diseases. In addition to fertilizers and organic materials, you should think about adding mulch to your flower beds and garden. Mulch also keeps the moisture in the garden and maintains the temperature. The general rule of thumb is to keep the mulch a few inches from the plant stems to prevent roots from rotting.

Plant new flowers and shrubs

Spring is the time to turn your attention to new plants. Some recommendations for good spring plants include:

  • Pansies
  • Snapdragons
  • Vegetables like lettuce, peas and arugula
  • Redbuds
  • Transplanting tomato plants from indoor pots to outside
  • Lilacs
  • Tulips

It is a good idea to plant perennials rather than annuals. This is because annuals have to be replaced every year and you?re making an investment in plants that will die every year and require replacement. Perennials, however, last for two to three years and usually survive winter frosts.

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