How to Become a Healer

Sep 21, 2011

Truth be known, there are signs and methods that can teach you how to become a healer. If this is something that you aspire to, then you are sure to succeed, especially if you fine-tune your perception and your skills. Here are some things to consider.


Many healers have felt the calling from deep within. Some have known for a larger part of their life, and others have received the message after a successful career in another field. Either way, the clear marker is an urge or impulse to study a healing service.


Once you have heard the calling, you must ask yourself if you are interested in service to your fellow humans. It is perfectly fine to develop your skills for self-growth, but one sign of a true healer is dedication to selfless service.


Confidence and belief in your calling and your abilities is pivotal to succeeding as a healer. Healing wisdom and energy is certain to flow to and through you once you master your belief in yourself as a healer.


Trusting in the information that comes to you will make you a precision healer. If you feel the unusual sensation to hold your hand over a particular spot on a client’s body, do so. If your inner voice tells you to focus on a client’s feet, when they are complaining about their neck, work on their feet. Trust that there are healing forces helping you and leading you to areas that need the most healing energy.

Introspection & Insight

These are lumped together because it is difficult to decipher where one starts and the other stops. This is no matter, because the common denominator is the ‘IN’ letters of each word. Introspection asks you to listen inwardly for answers. Insight tells you to look for visions, pictures or ideas that will manifest from within. These two tools are invaluable to a healer.


Once you have begun to cultivate the aforementioned qualities, it is time to practice them. Work on your self, on your family and on your friends. You can also work on your pets. People are always happy to receive free therapy, so offer your healing services to anyone that will accept.

Being Grounded

There are countless forms of healing in the world - spiritual healing, energy healing, pranic healing, theta healing and many more. As a healer, you will want to specialise in one particular style. This does not mean that you should ignore the others. It just means that constant practice in one area will equip you with a strong foundation for your healing approach. Once you feel comfortable and confident in that style, you can start to mix and adapt a method that is creatively personal to you.

The Job of a Healer

As a healer you are not responsible to actually ‘heal’ anyone. You are a facilitator. You use your honed skills to locate physical, emotional and energetic problems for your clients, and provide them with therapeutic possibilities that can lead them to the desired result they seek. Only the client can actually heal himself or herself. This is the most important thing to remember. You bring the tools and knowledge, they must bring the desire and belief that they can and will be healed.

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FAQs About Becoming a Healer

Can you learn to become a healer?

Yes. If you have the innate passion to help others, you can easily become a qualified healer. However, it takes more than just passion to succeed as a healer. You must also be willing to study various healing approaches, particularly one which you intend to specialise in.

How do you know you are a healer?

Do you have a strong inclination to help others or find it so easy to empathize with them? Chances are you were born to be a healer. Other telltale signs that you're destined to ease people's pain and sufferings are your qualities: good listener, optimist, compassionate, supportive and friendly.

Many healers knew from early on in life that they were destined to heal as their calling came from within. Many of them even had successful careers, but never found fulfillment until they decided to be of assistance to people who are experiencing pain.

How do I become a certified spiritual healer?

Taking an accredited course in spiritual or energetic healing will equip you with the knowledge and skills to become an effective healer. There are several certificate programs and diploma courses that you can choose from online.

Once you have completed the course of your choice, you will receive a certificate and be qualified to apply for membership in a professional body for holistic healers like the Australian Holistic Healers and Counsellors Association (AHHCA).

Can anyone be an energy healer?

Yes. Anyone who wishes to become a healer can be one with the right qualifications. Aside from being compassionate, empathetic and willing to heal everyone and anything, they must have the desire to hone their healing abilities. This can be done by studying a relevant course and through practical application.

How long does it take to learn Pranic Healing?

Pranic healing is a form of holistic therapy that uses divine energy or life force to cleanse the energy centres, which are responsible for keeping the body, mind, emotions and spirit balanced. A basic pranic healing course takes two days.

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