Overcoming Self Doubt with Hypnotherapy

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Last Updated Jul 17, 2020
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Everyone experiences moments of self-confidence and, at other times, feels a lack of confidence in themself. Generally, we feel more confident on familiar ground, doing what we know we're good at. Faced with unfamiliar territory, such as public speaking, job interviews or certain social situations, our confidence wavers and sometimes lets us down. Anyone who has nervously flubbed a speech, job interview or first date knows only too well that these negative experiences further undermine self-confidence.

What is self-confidence?

First and foremost, I'd say it's a belief in ourselves and our abilities. How we experience and express self-confidence may vary from person to person, but the basic foundation of self-belief is there.

Flip-side: self-doubt, a sense of inadequacy, and the fear of failure, ridicule and rejection. Yes-it is enough to make you run a quick check on your confidence levels, for no-one wants to set themselves up for failure, ridicule or rejection.

What if you could take all the self-confidence you feel when you are at your best, doing what you do well, and transfer it to those challenging situations that give you butterflies and bring you out in a nervous sweat? You can!

How Hypnotherapy Helps

This is precisely how hypnotherapy has helped thousands of people to overcome self-doubt and deep-seated fears, boosting their self-confidence and enabling them to achieve their goals. Hypnotherapists focus on each individual's strengths and positive experiences as the foundation to transfer self-confidence to new and challenging situations.

From elite athletes to aspiring public speakers, more and more people are tapping into the power of hypnotherapy to transform negative self-talk into positive self-affirmation and, ultimately, success. Just a few hypnotherapy sessions can achieve a major boost in self-confidence and self-esteem, a sound foundation from which to work toward achieving your goals and realising your dreams.

Originally published on Feb 19, 2011

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