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Last Updated Jul 21, 2020
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Believe it or not, your thoughts and the way you see things has an absolute impact on your life.  Find out more about the power of thought, perception, and manifestation.

The Power of Thought

Simply by taking responsibility for yourself and your thoughts, you can create a more positive life, while reducing the influence of negative energies.  In life, negative thoughts and energies surround us – whether they come from inside us or from outside sources such as other people, advertisements, movies, television, music and so forth.  If we are not aware, the negative thoughts and energies that come from these can become a part of us, without us even realising.

As we absorb these energies, they begin to affect the quality of our life, obstruct us from achieving our goals, and even change the way that we think about ourselves.  To ensure happiness, we need to protect ourselves from these negative influences.  One way of doing this is to really listen and feel actions – they are either made from love or a cry for love.  Love is the essence of happiness, and it is the nature of the soul, and the basis of everyone’s outer actions and desires.  Simply respond to everything with love.  Practice being a loving presence and you will soon see changes occur.

Practice keeping that loving feeling with you, and share your positive energy rather than absorbing negative energies.  The highest protection that we can have is to have a solid sense of loving for ourselves and for others.  By thinking and acting in a positive manner, we can create a feeling of completeness and happiness in who we are.  This love helps us to balance our consciousness.  Emotions such as envy and anger are a sign of an unbalanced consciousness.  Imbalances in the consciousness create lessons and situations that we need to learn from in order to stabilise the consciousness.

Thoughts are things, energies that can vibrate at either high or low levels.  It is a person’s free will that determines how that energy is used and what vibratory level it will operate at.  The intent of thought is what determines this level, and the outcome of one’s actions, which then helps to create our future.  Thoughts based on goodwill operate on a high level while thoughts based on selfishness will operate on a low level.  As an example, if something is worried upon all the time, it is a way of focusing on a particular thing that will then manifest in that way.  It can then be said that worry is a prayer for something that is not wanted.  To avoid undesirable things happening, thoughts must be controlled, especially during times of stress.  Instead of worrying, focus on a visual image of what you want to happen.  In this way, the positive outcome will be manifested instead of the negative one.

Perception and Manifestation

Perception is a powerful thing.  How you see a situation, regardless of what the situation is, has a direct result on the future outcome that you will experience as a result of that perception.  How you see things in the physical world is a result of a belief that you have established at some time in the past.  In this way, a perception is merely a belief.  If the belief is flawed or self-limiting, the perception will be the same and what you experience in life will directly correspond to the perception.  The way you see things determines how you will experience them.

Our perception of things determines our focus and our focus thus determines our thoughts, emotions, and actions.  In turn, these determine what we create in life.  If you have had a negative focus, it is likely that you have had a mostly negative life experience.  Seeing things negatively casts a negative focus and this negative energy is broadcasted, and is sent back to you.  If you are positive, the opposite is likely to be true.  Therefore, if you want to change your life, change your perception.

Because you are able to choose how you see things, you can choose your life experience.  For this to work, you need to perceive things with absolute conviction, and act if it is already in your life experience.  You are able to create and experience anything – personal growth, happiness, spirituality, wealth building, and so forth.

To manifest something is to bring it into your direct life experience.  It comes down to the law of attraction – like attracts like.  What you give out is what is returned to you, in one form or another.  It is universal and irrefutable.  Be aware, however, that the law of attraction does not differentiate between good and bad.  You can attract bad things into your life just as easily as you can attract good things.  What you need to do is to determine what you really want, believe that you can have it, and act as you’re inspired to.

Originally published on Dec 06, 2008

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