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Which Wolf Do You Feed: Fear or Faith?

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Elizabeth Ellen

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Elizabeth combines a passion for teaching & empowering others with hypnosis, NLP coaching, meditation, mindfulness, creative visualisation, natural therapies & holistic counselling.
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Aug 30, 2021

Which Wolf Do You Feed: Fear or Faith?

Faced with a crisis, overwhelmed, facing fear! Simple yet powerful healing tools to help you navigate your path through trauma and regain control over your life. 

Fear - Face Everything and Respond. When we are in a state of fear, our survival meter activates our amygdala which increases our flight, flight or freeze reaction time, charging up our adrenaline receptors, increasing our cortisol levels. All of this is fine in small doses, even essential to our survival. Increased adrenal and cortisol levels over an extended period of time may create chronic fatigue, illness and disease. When we are not at ease with our thoughts, we become fearful of our future and live in a state of needing to be in control, which often leads to anxiety, depression and overwhelm that feed the negative wolf in us.

When we panic, we let fear drive it. Wake up, become meta-aware and meta cognitive, learn to think for yourself and always be authentic to you, instead of constantly chasing happiness outside of us, looking for a quick fix, which is likened to addiction.

We create pictures in our mind based on what we want to experience and achieve, which may be imaginary and either helpful and empowering or delusional and disempowering.

The fear contagion affects everyone and lowers the universal vibration of humanity. Social and Mass Media becomes the local contagion, creating a greater fear that feeds the anxious wolf in us, which is further reinforced by social isolation and the current lock-down we are experiencing. Learn to be a truth seeker and question the social norms and form your own values and moral beliefs based on what is most important to you. Learn to have a rational discourse, and challenge the status quo with intelligent meta-awareness.  

Be you, be true to you, be authentically you.

TRUTH with Authenticity, Passion and Intellect is Power. Be Your own Superhero and know when and how to speak your truth. What we hear and see on most media outlets is not The Truth. The best response is to choose what you allow into your unconscious mind, consciously; meaning, take charge of what you watch, hear and feel. Turn off unhelpful mass media channels and be selective on how the media and other people's beliefs support you in a positive way.

T – Timely

R – Relevant & reliable

U – Unpopular

T – To

H – Hear

Happiness chemicals and how to get them

Dopamine: The Reward Chemical 

Eating food – fresh is best

Achieving goals 

Getting enough sleep 

Having a bath –with magnesium and essential oils

Oxytocin: The Love Hormone

Socialising – Humans need connection

Physical Touch

Petting Animals

Helping Others

Endorphin:  The Pain Killer


Laughter is the best medicine

Listening to music

Serotonin:  The Mood Stabiliser –  Brain/Gut connection.  

Nature Walks, 

Looking up to the sky, do deep circular breathing x 5 Mindfulness

Awareness: How the thought can change the emotion, which changes the picture in our mind, which then changes the physical reaction in the body.

Learn to not engage in the drama, observe it like you are watching it on TV and Breathe through it, looking up to the sky.

Allow it to be felt, creating space around it.

When you share your emotion with others, "when you said that, this is what I felt".

Honesty connects more deeply, connecting with the other person.

Share your feelings and allow it to be in the present moment, which is always as it is.

How do we manage to turn our life around when we are in a state of fear about our future?  

How do you want your movie to end?

  1. Stop! Just stop! Remove yourself from the situation to gain a clearer perspective on your thoughts and specifically choose what you really want to bring toward you. 
  2. Stop / Stillness: create space, 
  3. Time Out: Think, Talk
  4. Observe: Have nonattachment and see yourself as the Lead Actor/Actress in your movie. This helps you detach from the trauma and lack of faith, and get positive learnings to change the outcome.
  5. Process: your feelings, write in a journal.

Happiness is created between us, as human beings we need human connection.

How do we overcome this social isolation and step out of our fear into faith? 

How do we create a new dialogue with the positive wolf in us rather than the negative wolf? 

True alchemy is when we turn our greatest fear into our biggest dream, like lead into gold.

To co-create and build a new world within us, which in turn, becomes a new world outside of us, Elizabeth is offering a complimentary 15-minute Transformational Therapy Session to see how you can Breakthrough today. Elizabeth is an award-winning mentor, coach, and leader in empowerment and healing, bringing her unique creative process into discussions about neuroscience, human potential and energy work.

FAQs About Fear and Faith

What is the story of the two wolves trying to teach us?

The Cherokee legend teaches us how to balance our good and bad thoughts and emotions. In the story of the two wolves, one represents fear, sorrow, anger, greed, jealousy, guilt, arrogance and other negative emotions that make up a person's ego. The other wolf symbolizes joy, love, peace, hope, humility, empathy, compassion, faith and everything else that cultivates positivity.

What causes lack of faith?

Faith can be lost for a variety of reasons. As it co-exists with love and respect, the loss of faith may be triggered by betrayal, misunderstandings, tragedy, abuse, animosity and many other negative circumstances.

Is it OK to question your faith?

Yes, it's normal to doubt your faith, but how you deal with those doubts will determine how well you can restore, if not deepen, your faith. Uncertainty puts your faith to work, so don't react to it with skepticism, but rather with optimism.

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