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Join World Cancer Day 2021 and Stop the Big C

Jan 21, 2021

Join World Cancer Day 2021 and Stop the Big C

The global death rate of cancer has reached close to 10 million, according to the 2018 data of the World Health Organization (WHO), with lung and breast cancers accounting for two million deaths. In the observance of World Cancer Day 2021 on the 4th of February, cancer communities worldwide unite to win the battle against the disease.

Everybody's actions, when combined, can make a big difference to the lives of people with cancer, as well as their families. Whether through a fundraiser, a blog post, a video content, or an online event, you can help raise awareness of the disease and its causes, and stop it from taking any more lives.

What is World Cancer Day?

World Cancer Day was initiated by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) in 2000 to support cancer organisations in the spread of global awareness of the disease and its impact on millions of lives. It carries the "I Am and I Will" theme this year to remind everybody that our collective action can lead to a healthier and cancer-free world. 

Health experts, sports personalities and celebrities will be taking part in this momentous event, which will feature fun and life-changing activities, including the 21 Days to Impact Challenge. In this activity, participants are encouraged to create positive habits to improve their personal health for 21 consecutive days. Additionally, there will be a series of games, quizzes and inspirational talks to inspire everyone to take action to prevent cancer and improve the lives of those suffering from it.

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a term used to describe a group of diseases which developed from abnormal growth of cells in the body. Cancer cells may focus on one area of the body or multiply and spread to different parts, which could then result in secondary cancer or metastases.

Early detection of the disease is the only way to dissolve the cells which caused it, and ultimately regain one's health. The most common types of cancer affecting Australians include:

What Causes Cancer?

Cancer is considered a lifestyle disease caused mainly by too much exposure to carcinogens, which disrupt the normal growth of cells. Carcinogens are present everywhere—food and drinks, household products, cosmetics, air—so it's important to make sure that you don't take in too much of it.

Your lifestyle also determines your risk for cancer. The most common risk factors include: 

  • Smoking tobacco and cigarettes (even the smokeless kind)
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Obesity
  • A sedentary lifestyle
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Insufficient sleep

How Can Cancer be Prevented?

Just like other ailments and conditions, cancer is preventable. It shouldn't be thought of as the dead end because the cells in the body which are responsible for its formation can be eliminated through early detection and treatment. However, to remain on safe ground, it would be best to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid foods and habits that could activate cancer cells.

How to be a Part of World Cancer Day

Spreading love for cancer patients, survivors & their families

To be part of a worldwide community that is committed to ending the ordeal of people with cancer, as well as preventing others from acquiring it, you may register on the World Cancer Day official website and download their campaign materials. You can use them for free to mount your own event, activity or fundraiser. Packed with substantial data and infographics, these can also be used to make customised posters and messages about World Cancer Day.

Whether you're a cancer warrior, or just keen on stopping the disease from wrecking people's lives, your participation in World Cancer Day 2021 will surely make lasting changes.

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FAQs About Cancer in Australia

What are the foods that kill cancer cells?

Make it a habit to eat foods that have anti-carcinogenic properties like garlic, ginger and cruciferous vegetables, to prevent the buildup of cancer cells. A diet rich in vitamin D, folate and other B vitamins also ensures normal cell growth.

Which cancer has the highest recurrence rate?

Glioblastoma is a type of cancer with the highest recurrence rate, especially in individuals who have undergone radiation therapy or other cancers affecting the brain. Glioblastoma develops in the brain or spinal cord.

Does the pink ribbon stand for all cancers?

No, the colour pink doesn't represent all types of cancer. Orange and blue are the official colours of World Cancer Day. Pink symbolises breast cancer awareness, and people wear it to support women suffering from the disease.

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