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How to Choose a Nutritionist

How to Choose a Nutritionist
If you’d like some help tweaking your diet, or improving your health and wellness, a nutritionist can be a great place to start. But how do you choose a nutritionist who’s right for you?

Check their qualifications

In Australia, the nutritional practice industry is unregulated, which means anyone can call themselves a nutritionist or dietician. And that means it’s worth ‘shopping around’ before choosing a practitioner.
You can begin by checking if their qualification is accredited by the Nutrition Society of Australia (NSA) or the Dieticians Association of Australia (DAA). If so, they’ll most likely be registered with the same association – which means they adhere to a certain code of conduct.
You might also like to check the Register of Nutritionists, a volunteer initiative set up by the NSA to make it easier for people to find reputable practitioners. 

Ask about their approach

Typically, nutritionists will provide advice tailored to your lifestyle and goals. So it’s wise to ensure your aims align with the practitioner’s processes and philosophy. This is especially important if you have a specific health condition or concern, as some dieticians and nutritionists will specialise in certain areas.
Don’t be afraid to ask how they approach nutrition, how they work, and what’s involved and included in their services. You may need to have an initial consultation first, so they can assess your current diet and health and then propose a plan. But you should feel free to ask questions, and emerge from the session with a clear idea of what will happen next.

Find someone you like

You’ll also want to ensure you gel with your nutritionist. Some practitioners are more direct, while others take a gentler approach. For that reason, you might prefer to find a nutritionist who complements your personality, and helps you feel comfortable exploring your health – without feeling judged or left bamboozled.
Ready to start your search? You can find qualified nutritionist here

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