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World Kindness Day 2019

World Kindness Day 2019

In 1997, through the signing of the "Declaration of Kindness", the 13th of November has been decreed as World Kindness Day. It marked the opening of the World Kindness Movement conference held at Tokyo in 1998, as well as the 35th anniversary of the Small Kindness Movement of Japan. This year, it will be celebrated again with various events and programs all over the world, including Australia.

What is World Kindness Day?

The objective of World Kindness Day is to look beyond ourselves, beyond the boundaries of our country, beyond our culture, our race, our religion, and realise we are all citizens of the world. And as world citizens, we all should have the same mindset and realise that if progress is to be made in human relations and endeavours, if we are to achieve the goal of peaceful coexistence, we must focus on what we have in common. As soon as we find likenesses, we will begin to experience empathy. And through this, we can fully relate to that person or those people. While we may think of people from other cultures as being "different", when we compare them with our own customs and beliefs, it doesn’t mean that we are any better than they are. When we become friends with someone from a different culture we discover that despite some obvious differences, there are many similarities.

World Kindness Day in Australia

The event is headed by the Australian Kindness Movement, an organisation who has been promoting kindness since 1994. It was formed to help overcome the apparent drift toward a cold and impersonal society. Their goal is to generate a greater sense of friendliness in the community through the medium of simple acts of kindness. When achieved, they believe that everyone will experience higher levels of caring and safety in the community.

Through efforts from volunteers and small donations from generous people, the group's vision of a kinder, friendlier world is achieved one random act of kindness at a time.

For more information about World Kindness Day 2019 and the Australian Kindness Movement, visit

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