Having the Courage to Express Your Feelings

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Last Updated Jul 15, 2020
Health Tips

If you’ve been hurt in the past – particularly by a loved one – it can be tricky to trust again. However, expressing your feelings is key to living a full, authentic life and experiencing real, loving relationships. But how do you source the courage to trust and be truthful?

Why Express Your Feelings?

Fear can hold us back from leading a rich life. Fear of our feelings can keep us from building our best life and relationships with those we care about.
But learning to open up, embrace and express how we feel is incredibly beneficial. It builds strength to tackle tricky issues. It builds self-love and trust, so you can make the best decisions. Best of all, it eliminates distrust and miscommunication in relationships – and allows others to do the same.
We can all learn to express ourselves more clearly and authentically. Here are a few ways to get started:

Start Small

It’s best for sensitive souls to gradually express themselves. Begin on a small scale – telling your partner how you feel during a disagreement, or practising positive self-talk (such as telling yourself you’re on track and can solve a problem). Ease yourself into it and build up your assertiveness.

Be Accountable for Your Feelings

The blame game is rarely beneficial. Instead, understand that you own your feelings and are free to choose your thoughts about a person or situation. So rather than telling your spouse, ‘You never help out around the house!’ ask yourself why you feel annoyed about the situation and explain to your partner how you feel when they pitch in, or why you’d like a helping hand.

Compliment Others

We all like to be complimented – but how often do we compliment those around us? Letting someone know we appreciate them is an easy way to express your feelings and boost the moods of those around you.  It also takes the focus off yourself, which is important when you’re in the midst of introspection!

Originally published on Dec 22, 2014

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